Pause! – MicroBlog #1

Pause… because I came a long way while fighting with my demons and never realised, I am leaving everything behind with my forward steps every day. From where I started… that day looks Blurrry now! I want to take a Pause to see, have I taken the right Pathway? I want to take a Pause … Read more

What Would be the Best Gift for Women’s Day 2018?

It’s 8th March 2018! International Women’s Day. Sometimes I think, do we really need one day to celebrate Women’s Day? But I am convinced with the idea that we can have at least one special day remembering all women in our life, who contributed their part beautifully. When we can express our sincere gratitude for … Read more

Find out how to #LoveUnconditionally in Under Two Minutes With Tata AIA’s New Adfilm

From scriptures to artists to scholars to ordinary people, all have endeavored to explain unconditional love! Nonetheless, I am sure nobody has ever succeeded in defining it inside 1 min 30 seconds like Tata AIA’s recent campaign film. This film, aside from reminding us subtly of the benefits of buying insurance, redefines the tenets of … Read more