What Would be the Best Gift for Women’s Day 2018?

It’s 8th March 2018! International Women’s Day. Sometimes I think, do we really need one day to celebrate Women’s Day? But I am convinced with the idea that we can have at least one special day remembering all women in our life, who contributed their part beautifully.

When we can express our sincere gratitude for having them in our lives.

My Idea of Women’s Day This Year!

Let’s spend one day, being truly thankful to each one of them. I am sure, we all have numerous women to whom we should be thankful. Mother, Sister, Girlfriend, Wife, Friends, Aunts, Cousins, Bhabhi, Sister in Law, Your friend’s Mom, Your Therapist, Women whom you admire. Any Woman who supported youat some part of your life.

And Most Special Ones!

Most special ones are those women who come to our home every day for cleaning, to cook food, to take the garbage out! If you closely observe around, we have women everywhere we should be grateful to.

While writing this post, I am remembering those who are directly or indirectly connected to me, thinking about their contribution in my life to make me who I am today. And I am literally feeling blessed to have lots of them!

Hold on! Do this with me Now!

If you are reading this, can you spare a minute now and try to recall some of special women whom you are grateful to andΒ  their contribution to your life.. Who are they? Think. Recall now! Do this now!

Yes… Now! close your eyes and try to recall them. I am sure you will see some faces in front of your eyes.


Ok, if done, read ahead πŸ™‚

I made one promise to myself

I am going to call them, going to talk to them, going to meet them and I will spend more time with them this year! Yes, It’s not limited to one day! Entire Year…Β  That would be my gift to them this year! And I have already started.

Let me Share about My Yesterday’s Call

My Highschool friend Chaitali, last time we met 2 years back and we talk on Whatsapp occasionally. But her mom? It’s been years I have talked to her. I remember when I used to visit her home during my school days, she used to treat me like her own daughter. She used to share everything with me, like my own Mumma. Later on, for higher studies, I shifted to Ahmedabad and she still lives in my hometown and I couldn’t visit her or talk to her in past 5-6 years.

Yesterday I called her! And she was in tears…! She was so happytalking to me and told me hundred times I guess, How she loved to have chat again! And how happy she is feeling now hearing my voice again after years. She was speaking and I was just listening. She scolded me for why I took so many years to chat like this again, she was angry but then I was just listening to her..Β  We talked for more than 20 minutes and I am in gratitude and feeling so blessed in life.

I called my Aunts, My Old Friends, My Cousins, My Therapist, My Hostel Warden, My Seniors and lots of women whom I feel connected to always. Each conversation was special..!! Each connection made me feel nostalgic! Each call took me to old days and Today I am the happiest kid with the smile not leaving my face.

What Difference Does it make?

You know what? In all past years, good and bad days, I have learned one lesson that, time is the biggest gift you can give to your loved ones. Do that! Spend a good time with them, talk to them, take them out, love them more, hug them whenever you can and be grateful for having them! Create Memories!

Life is too short. Live, love and laugh together!

If You Want to Gift Something to your beloved Woman Today, Gift Her Time! And not just today, this gift should be for everyday!

Happy Women’s Day to All πŸ™‚

MyFashionVilla Wishes Happy Women's Day

Stay Joyous, Be Grateful and Shine Bright!

– Yours Truly




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