5 Creative Ways to Drape a Pattu Saree for a Modern Twist

Pattu is a Tamil term that translates to silk. Manufactured with pure mulberry silk, dazzling Pattu sarees are a symbol of luxury and class among many South Indian ladies. The most eye-catching characteristic of a pattu saree is its glistening fabric with a silk-like sensation. Even so, the texture can differ from the kind of silk utilised and the method of weaving.

There are different kinds of Pattu sarees like Banarasi, Mysore Silk, Kanjeevaram, Pochampally Ikat Pattu, Bhagalpuri etc. These are regional fortes which are titled after the places of their creation. Refined pattu sarees are generally made with mulberry silk for their tensile potency and duration. These threads are interwoven with golden or silver zari to produce an extravagant handmade saree.

The neat way to differentiate a refined pattu saree from a mixed fabric is to check for the silk mark certification. Pattu sarees come in a broad diversity of colours, designs and weaves to meet every fashion need. From heavy wedding pattu sarees to light and simple pattu sarees, there’s one for every occasion! Listed below are 5 ways you can drape your pattu sarees for a modern and chic look.

Butterfly drape

If you wish to look slim and more sensational then you have to go with the butterfly drape. First, you begin by draping it the ordinary way, but make sure the pallu pleats are relatively slim. This shows off your toned midriff and correspondingly gives you a subtly sultry look. It’s frequently seen on Bollywood stars and is an excellent saree draping style for a party too.

Lehenga drape

If you’re thinking about how you can wear a pattu saree lehenga style, then all you have to do is simply create little pleats all around, and leave some of the saree’s length for the pallu. Then, get one end of the pallu to the front and tuck it at the midriff. You can also let the pallu rest in the front like a Gujarati saree drape.

lehenga style saree drape
lehenga style saree drape

Mermaid drape

The mermaid style of draping a pattu saree is creative and exotic, giving you an hourglass figure look. The lower pleats are propagated out, and the pallu is also brought around from the back to the front and tucked in to finish the look. This gives the bottom half the look of a mermaid’s tail, therefore the name.

Mumtaz/Retro drape

This charming drape is renowned among Indian females since the late 60s. It involves tucking and draping the length of the saree numerous times in layers. It is a perfect draping style for pattu sarees with broad borders or shimmery, gold-plated edges, suitable for a marriage event too.

Dhoti drape

This is a delightful way of draping your pattu sarees. While the pallu remains over the shoulder in the standard way, the bottom half looks like a dhoti. So you can put on leggings or shorts underneath rather than a petticoat. Maharashtrian ladies have been draping pattu sarees in this style for a long time, and have always appeared jaw-dropping.

dhoti style saree drape
dhoti style saree drape

Now that we’ve laid out how to drape a pattu saree in various styles, we’re sure you want to try some of these styles yourself to discover which one is the closest to your identity.

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