FeatherBrows – An Eyebrow Trend or Disaster?

Hello, lovely people! Hope y’all enjoyed reading our recent posts 🙂 Today we are talking about “Featherbrows” the latest trend we observed in makeup industry.  We all know, makeup is an art, and the one who is skilled in this art is called a makeup artist.  And an art is driven by creativity. Many makeup … Read more

Must Have Beauty Products For Women With Oily Skin

Bangs stuck on forehead, makeup melting at a lightning speed and constant re-touchups make life literally a hell for beauty addicts in warm months. If you happen to have a super oily skin like me, the hell continues throughout the different seasons. But thanks to the invention of some fabulous beauty products for oily skin, … Read more

Careers In Cosmetology

If you’re nearing the time of your graduation from high school, and are still wondering what you’re going to do with the rest of your life, it’s definitely time for some hard thought. You’re at an age when the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to all of the possibilities in front … Read more