Pause! – MicroBlog #1

Wearing CoverstoryPause… because I came a long way while fighting with my demons and never realised, I am leaving everything behind with my forward steps every day. From where I started… that day looks Blurrry now!

  • I want to take a Pause to see, have I taken the right Pathway?
  • I want to take a Pause a bit and see my destination again and where I am heading next?
  • I want to take a Pause to look behind and see the beautiful journey I had.
  • I want to take a Pause to remember all the people I met during my life journey.
  • I want to take a pause and say ‘Thank You’ to them 🙂
  • I want to take a Pause from running, chasing and infinitely climbing ladders just to reach somewhere!

Pauses are essential I guess! Taking a pause, to build a better future? What do you think? Starting a Special Mirco Blog Series (like this tiny post) just to talk with you 🙂 Because this place is to express and I know… you are reading :-*

Hugs! xo…


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