5 Most Valuable Lifestyle Lessons I Learned in 2018

Maybe, this is really off topic for many, I know! But trust me, it is really important to look over the time that has passed. Yes.. One more year has passed, and before I write anything further, here is the love note to the year 2018!

love note to the year 2018

Dear 2018.. Thank you for showing me some challenging days, showing me who I am and what I truly expect from life. Thank you for the filtering process you made it happen so that I have a small bunch of people with me who are truly mine. Thank you for testing me for each area of my life. I feel stronger, joyful and grateful.

This was 2018 for me! Challenging? Absolutely Yes. It crushed me down mentally, physically and emotionally. Loosing my source of inspiration, my father… took me down to experience the darkest days of my life. I rarely speak about my personal life (especially I avoid talking about depressive things here and on social media), just because I don’t want you to feel down and sick about it. But today I want to express myself and I will be totally me with all of you.

It was August 2018 when I got diagnosed with major Fungus Infection in my lungs, throat and ears. The heavy antibiotics and steroids were troubling me. I decided to take help of some alternative therapies like Sujok and Reiki to speed up the healing process. When I went to my therapist whom I completely trust for years.. she told me that, along with the Fungus Infection, I see Fibrosis developing too, and that was a serious thing! Now 5 months passed, and trying to recover as fast as I can. A few more months may be!

With all these happening in my life, it was hell challenging for me to stay active on social media, blogging, working and managing 4.5 years old kid. But you know, when the universe throws some challenges to you, it always comes with remedies and solutions too. I am blessed to have my family, loved ones, close friends and you guys with me. I feel, I am the chosen one!

Ok! Enough of depressive talk! But genuinely 2018 was the year, I would say I have experienced life closely. Whatever I have observed, People I met,  My surrounding and situations I have experienced, I have this blog post for all of you, if you are interested to read.

So, here are 5 Most Valuable Lifestyle Lessons I Learned in 2018


Chase Less and Cherish More

Everyone has got a goal, right? absolutely Yes. But do we really Cherish enough what we have achieved so far? Do we spend enough time cherishing those special moments you have created laughing out loud on a pathetic joke with your friends.. travelling with your Bae, Hugging, Kissing & Cuddling! All these is priceless and if we learn to acknowledge and Cherish such small yet very important moments of our life, I think, It is going to bring more Joy and gratitude along.

Fancy Things Don’t Promise More Joy

I want to talk about this in detail because I see, it’s very important when everyone is trying to be and do so extra than who they are while just comparing their life with other’s life and fancy things we are seeing all around.

A small self experience is here and I want to share with you. It was last month, I was supposed to meet my childhood friend almost after 10 years. When she called me, I was thinking to meet her at a good popular cafe in the city but meanwhile she suggested a place and I said, it’s fine. Now that place is a human made lake, all dried up and over populated. You will find all normal middle class people there, some gossiping about work, some senior citizens stretching and advising their buddies and some health freaks jogging around. I be honest, I was skeptical and the moment I reached there, I felt.. gosh! We should have meet at some good cafe! But then we met, started talking.. lots of giggle and laughter. I was overjoyed and empty when I returned home. I felt, I had the best meeting.

If I think about some of the best trips I took, those were back packing, hostel living non luxurious trips! The best cooking experience was, cooking in a farm, with no electricity around. The most delicious dish award still goes to that Khichdi and Khichu that mumma makes!

Certainly, you got my point ya? Joy is to make simple things, working extraordinary for you.. !

Stay more with yourself than on Social Media

I am a Digital Marketer myself and saying this, Yes I am aware and it’s true. In the year 2018, I have seen many people crying over Social Media talking about stress, depression and loneliness! Influencers live under pressure all the time to earn certain number of likes and impressions. Celebrities are competing to win the race of most influenced celebrity! Everyone is taking pictures and posting them to document their life whether they had food? Had water? Had Potty? What the Hell is happening around?? Trust me! The happiness doesn’t lie out there. It’s within an yourself and for that we need to spend time with ourselves, thinking, asking and listening our own mind, body and soul.

Forgive, Forget and Move On

Now on this point, I had a breakthrough this year and I am still working on it. Yes, I too get hurt when people leave me behind for no reason. When they blame me for wrong reasons. When clients haven’t paid for all the hard work I did and when your own people¬† label you and judge you. It’s difficult but it’s manageable, trust me. If we need to live extraordinary life, we must learn to Forgive, Forget and Move on!

Stop Overthinking, Be in Action Mode

This one I can say, is my favorite because if there were prizes decided for an over thinker, all Oscars and Nobel Prizes would have been mine! Yes an over thinker saying this but to be very honest, I have improved myself here in past years. I over think a lot but nowadays I get out of that overthinking zone quickly! And to do this the first step is to acknowledge that “sweetheart…you are just overthinking and it doesn’t make any difference to the actual situation”!!

So yeah that’s all I think I am taking ahead in the year 2019. Lastly I would say, if you keep doing what you are always been doing, you can’t expect different results.

If you want to change your life! Your need to make changes in present, right now!

May 2019 be the best year for you.

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