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Two days back, I received an email from FDCI about their new Campaign, and that email is titled “Invitation to join FDCI #SixYardsOf Campaign” and I loved the idea and concept of this campaign immediately. I want to share what #SixYardsof Saree means to me! enjoy this post peeps… If you love saree as much as I love it, you need to do one thing. After reading the post, please share your views in the comment box below and tell me what #SixYardsof Saree means to you!

Six Yards of Magic! #sixyardsof

Let me share what is the campaign #SixYardsOf all about

“The Fashion Design Council of India is celebrating Women’s Day by kickstarting a special social media campaign related to India’s biggest brand, the saree. For today’s woman, the six-yarder is as much about individuality and empowerment as it is of motherhood and tradition. We are inviting you to tell us what the saree means to you by posting a picture of yourself/your mother/wife/sister/ partner/ muse/daughter in a saree and naming the emotion the saree evokes in you.

For example: #sixyardsof  love, or # sixyardsof history, #sixyardsof  dreams, #sixyardsof drama, #sixyardsof self-expression, #sixyardsof magic). Please tag #lmifw and @thefdci in every post. “

Email from FDCI

How Powerful..!! I firmly believe whatever you wear, it must give you some kind of joy!! Saree is that power dressing for me. It gives me joy! Ummm.. I would say, something beyond joy! I feel confident..!! I feel beautiful.. !! I feel I am more expressive when I wear saree. Saree is true ‘me,’ and it does magic to me!

So, I keep it this way, #SixYardsOf Magic!

This saree is very special to me. I wanted to have one black and gold saree for a long time. I had the fabric and fabric’s feel in my mind, and with that, I saw many sarees in various flea markets, exhibitions, and showrooms! I wasn’t satisfied. No saree was matched to that saree, I had in my mind. Finally, I got it πŸ™‚

I purchased this saree five months back and wore it twice. Let me share some of the pictures from the recent time when I wore it.

Details About the Saree

  • Fabric: Soft Art Silk
  • Color: Black & Gold
  • Purchased From: Roopkala Ahmedabad
  • Priced: 3200

Now Enjoy Clicks.. hope you like them πŸ™‚ let me know in comment section or you can message me on Instagram.

#SixYardsOf Magic!

Black & Gold Art Silk Saree MyFashionVilla
OOTD Silk Saree MyFashionVilla
Saree OOTD Post MyFashionVilla
Saree Tales by MyFashionVilla
Six Yards of Magic
Six Yards of Saree - OOTD Post

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