New Clothes, New You

In our life’s journey, it’s only natural that we all do a bit of digging to discover what we truly are, and fashion provides a simple and fulfilling outlet for self-expression that is quite unlike any other medium. What’s wonderful about clothing and accessories is anyone can indulge in them. You don’t have to have … Read more

Spike Up !! Include Spikes and Studs Accessories in Your Wardrobe

  Spike up! Spike up! And more spike up this year. It’s all about how you accessories yourself. You can accessories your simplest outfit with some smart accessories and that’s what you need to do this year to turn all eyeballs to you. What else can be better way than accessorizing with spikes and studs? … Read more

Elie Saab Bridal 2013 Collection: Wedding Dresses to Die For

  Bridal Collection is all time favorite for all girls, isn’t it? And when we talk about Elie Saab Bridal collection, it is breath taking gorgeous always. If we ask girls, most of us will agree, that wearing Elie Saab Wedding Dress is something like Dream Comes true, so start dreaming again as we are … Read more

Diana Penty on Elle India October 2012 Cover Page

  People like me get curious on every first week of month to see; Who is cover page girl on all Favorite Beauty and Fashion Magazines? Aren’t you too curious about it? I know your answer, it’s Definitely Yes. So let’s talk about Elle October 2012 Issue. This month, Very talented Indian model and Gorgeous … Read more

Top Fashion Accessory Trends of This Season: Must Have in Wardrobe

  Are you that person who loves to accessorize everything you wear to make it more chick! Then this post is for you. Like Clothing Trend get change, Like Shoe Trend Get change every season, Accessory Trend Changes as Well. I am going to give you hint about the latest Accessory Trend. Let’s Start! (1) … Read more

DVF (through Glass) at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with Sergey Brin on Ramp

  This happens when Fashion Meets Technology! Yes, I was completely shocked seeing cofounder of Google; Sergey Brin on Ramp! I mean Technology Master on Ramp! Sounds awkward itself right? But this happened recently at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. The unique technology called DVF [through Glass] by Google was first shown here … Read more

How to Wear Collar Necklace? Tips to Wear Collar Necklace in Stylish Way

  Have you heard about Collar Necklace? If not yet, we will go to show you how you can opt for this Hot Accessory Trend, Collar Necklace. Collar Necklaces are also called The Peter Pan collar. You can Opt for this Accessory trend in many ways, it goes with Shorts to High west Pants, Short … Read more

Fashion Trend Alert – Paint it Orange, Latest Color Trend to Wear on Lips & Nails

Yes!! Orange, a special trend spotting report from the Town of Trends Mumbai. MyFashionVilla covered some events in past few days and one colour particularly stood out from the rest. It is Orange – its shades and tint was most common but not on clothes neither on shoes!! Orange is the hot favorite shade for … Read more