Happy 2023!

Hola! this is to wish you a happy new year 🙂 I have been mia and have a lot to share with all of you. But I would start with the new year wish; that I have for us. This year I want us to be wiser in our thoughts and kind with our actions. … Read more

5 Reasons why you should consider slippers for girls

When we consider slippers for girls, the only reason behind it is comfort. One has to walk miles at times, and having a comfortable pair of slippers is essential. Now one might say, why not sneakers? Sneakers may be more comfortable, but what about your beach vacations? You need a good lightweight comfortable for of … Read more

6 Ways To Reduce Your Belly Fat

One of the most stubborn pockets of fats, belly fat, is something that can harm not just our physical health but also our mental health because of the low self-esteem caused by body image issues. The reasons for an increasing waistline and tummy fat can be many; however, the solution that works for every one … Read more

Top 9 Most Classic Fashion Trends that have made a Comeback

If one thing can be confidently said about the fashion industry, the field is an ever-changing one. Ever since fashion began to take a more aesthetic form than one rooted in the basic need for clothing, trends have constantly increased. Moreover, occupations such as fashion influencers give more and more enthusiasts the opportunity to explore … Read more