Happy 2023!

Hola! this is to wish you a happy new year 🙂 I have been mia and have a lot to share with all of you. But I would start with the new year wish; that I have for us. This year I want us to be wiser in our thoughts and kind with our actions. Let us make sure; that we take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Let’s make sure we spread love & joy wherever we go. Yes?

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

So where was I?
I was here only, constantly missing this fantastic space I created 11 years ago. However, 2018 was a little rough for me. I have lost track of my health, work, and personal life. It took several months to get up on my feet & let go of that grief. It’s not gone completely, but I have learned to move on maybe??

During this journey, I discovered my love for Jewellery and Jewelkosh happened (more about this in the next posts). It gave me the purpose & clarity that I was seeking. I worked really hard in the last three years and now ‘Jewelkosh’ gets so much love from hundreds of people all over India.

But then; MyFashionVilla was always there!
My first baby!
I always wanted to come back and start writing again but, honestly, I had no courage 🙁 The fear of starting over again and what if no one is there to read the blog?

But finally, today, starting the new year, I gather all courage to be here again while dropping all my ‘IFS AND BUTS’

Hope you are with me again? And I can share some good content with you.

Yes? Please?

Reply in the comments if you are with me.
I’ll see you in 2 days with a new post 🙂

Love n Light

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