What is your Beauty Equation?

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Coming to the point, I was reading something very interesting online today. I was reading about “Beauty Equation” and I found it pretty interesting that I decided to share with all of you here.

What is a Beauty Equation?

According to me, Beauty Equation is how you perceive “Beauty”! What does Beauty according to you? What matters more when we say “Beauty” to you? Is it your outer look? Is it your work? Your Passion? Inner Beauty? Makeup? Perfect Face Cut? Pretty Face? Perfect Figure? What is Your Beauty Equation?

What is your Beauty Equation
What is your Beauty Equation

I was reading this on urbandictionary.com and according to them, there are two beauty equation exists, which are:

Beauty Equation No: 1


Beauty Equation No: 2

For those of you who prefer surgery


You got the difference? Where the money involves and where money does not involve? I am curious to know… what is your beauty equation? Share in comment!! However, you can create Your Own Beauty Equation Too!! Try defining your own Beauty Equation… and trust me, it will bring more clarity how you perceive beauty!

Stay Beautiful 🙂

picture credit: wdi.org


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