What is Maskne? How To Prevent Maskne With Simple Tips!

Hello everyone! After reading the title, most of you would be wondering what is “Maskne” or “Mascne”. Wearing a mask is very necessary, but you should also take care of your sensitive skin that doesn’t do well in humidity. Maskne develops due to many reasons that are rooted in the mask’s presence. Maskne has become very common as many people have acne-prone skin. They are trying to change their skincare products and routines because they feel the mask is the all-time compulsion that shouldn’t get ignored. Well, yes, you shouldn’t skip wearing a mask, but you should know when and when to not wear it, to let your skin breathe in the fresh air. So, instead of changing all your products, let’s first understand the causes of maskne and how to prevent maskne with regular practices.

Maskne Definition

Let’s start with the mask acne or maskne definition: The acne caused in the lower half of the face due to the presence of mask, are termed as maskne/mascne. This acne is present around the nose, mouth, chin and cheeks. The severity of maskne would depend upon the sensitivity of your skin, contact with germs, hygiene level and, for the duration, you use your mask.

What Causes Maskne?

Now, if we do not generalize it by calling it the fault of masks, many reasons contribute to the problem of maskne. Let’s read and understand these, one by one.


The friction between the mask and skin irritates the skin and opens up the pores. This activity helps the dirt and germs to penetrate the skin, gifting you an AcneL. And, the friction is something that you cannot avoid while wearing a mask. The maximum you can do is wear a hand-stitched cotton 2/3 layered skin-friendly masks.


Humidity develops in the region underneath masks and becomes the home of germs. The skin cannot handle a higher level of humidity. Thus, it becomes vulnerable to breakouts.

Prolonged Mask-wearing

We cannot stress this enough – you should not wear masks for a prolonged period. It is unfavourable for your skin as well as your respiratory system. Many doctors also suggest taking a little break after 2-3 hours of wearing the mask. When you wear masks for straight 6-7 hours, your skin loses the chance to breathe fresh.

Improper Hygiene

Not changing masks timely, will worsen the maskne. If you are not washing your ‘washable-masks’ regularly, or not discarding the worn-out ones soon, then this could be the potential cause of your maskne. Because, when we sneeze and cough wearing a mask, the germs and droplets get trapped and eventually settle on our skin. That is why the acne bacteria thrives on skin.

How To Prevent Maskne/ How To Treat Maskne?

If you are too facing this, then below mentioned simple steps would help you prevent maskne. However, if you have already tried these methods and still can’t see a reduction, we suggest you consult a dermatologist.

Gentle Cleansing

Cleansing is the most vital part of skincare. Choose the cleanser/face wash according to your skin type. For acne-prone skin, we would suggest you go for gentle cleansers instead of tough or harsh ones. The harsh SLS, Paraben infused cleansers can tear the uppermost layer of the skin, causing dryness and rashes. Go for organic and mild ones to clean your skin properly. Use it twice a day (depending on the requirement).


Lightweight and non-sticky moisturizers will help you keep the unwanted dryness at bay. No matter what the season is, a particular level of moisture is essential for the skin. And, you can apply moisturizer right after washing the face, to have the maximum benefits of it. Apply it daily for preventing dull skin. Choose the moisturizer as per your skin type.

Sun Protection

Even though we move out wearing a mask, a sun-block is compulsory! The acne-prone skin is sensitive to sun rays and hence can easily breakout. You should strictly apply the sunscreen before leaving your home.


Cleansing-done, moisturizing-done, Sunscreen-done. What remains? Oh! Yes, the toner. The toner acts as a soothing agent for your skin. It closes or shrinks your wide-open pores. It also prevents dirt and bacteria from entering the pores. It relaxes your skin; provides a gentle and mild feeling. Toner for acne-prone skin is essential, as the skin has many open pores.


Skip Makeup

Yes, it might take a little longer to accept, but you have to skip makeup if you’re facing maskne. The makeup further develops a layer on the skin, making it impossible for it to breathe easily. It clogs the pores. Do not wear makeup, especially on the lower half of your face. But if you still want to, then just go for eyeliner or kohl.

Regular Change Of Mask To Prevent Maskne

  • Do not repeat your masks without cleaning them properly.
  • You should always discard the non-washable masks after 1-2 uses.
  • Do not wear masks while indulging in physical exercises.
  • If possible, take short breaks from the mask.
  • If you prefer handmade masks, then go for 2/3 layered ones, for proper protection.

We hope these solutions will help you. If you’re not facing maskne, do share this information with the ones you know are facing this.

Well, this pandemic has not left any sector of the society go unaffected. Now, we are even facing skin/beauty issues because of this. But, let’s not get gloomy. We have always found a way out, so, we will find a way out of this as well! Taking correct precautions and care of ourselves and our loved ones is the key to positivity of lifestyle and negativity of corona ;P

We’ll meet you with our next post, till then stay safe and prevent maskne 😀

HUGSS (keeping the social distancing in mind)!

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