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Valentino Rockstud Shoes Replica Story : Laugh and Learn

If you are the one who like to stay updated with the Fashion World Movements happening around, You must have witness the time when every second girl was carrying  Mickle Kors Bag and Wallet that probably Mickle Kors himself have not thought about ! 😀 And Gucci Bag?? OMG!! even worse scenario… !!

And the guy selling bags on footpath just opposite to my place proudly sells GUCCI Bags (Of course Replica ) in 250 Rs and when I asked him, how’s the demand? he said “Madem.. Waiting Hota He.. aaj 50 Piece Aaye, Kal aapko ek bhi piece nahi milega..!!” I am shocked (Big Time Shocked !!)

Valentino Rockstud Shoes Story

Now after  Mickle Kors Bags and Wallets and also GUCCI Bags, these days I guess Valentino Rockstud Shoes Replica booming  in the market !! Here is what happened..

Before I tell you more, let me tell you, It is one of the most popular shoes of  Year 2016-2017 and we have seen many international celebrities wearing Valentino Rockstud Shoes like Kourtney Kardashian, Rasheeda Jones, Fergie, Vanessa Hudgens and Eva Longoria and many more.

Real Vs Fake
Real Vs Fake

One seller approached me Online Saying, Valentino Rockstud Shoes available. I asked him, is it replica? He said Yes Madem, first copy !! I enquired more..  (with curiosity) Who gave you my contact? He said.. Madem This is Very Famous among all Bloggers. Madem… I give 10% Discount too, Specially for Bloggers !!


Valentino Rockstud Shoes & Replica Story
Valentino Rockstud Shoes & Replica Story

Hope you all got my message! If we can not afford something, lets skip it. Let’s not buy Replica. It is not legal, it doesn’t look good, people easily get it and let’s respect work done by designers. LETS Not Wear FAKE.



By Hetal Shah

Hetal is the Founder & Chief Editor of :) To know more about her, check About us Page, or Write to her at [email protected]

2 replies on “Valentino Rockstud Shoes Replica Story : Laugh and Learn”

Nice post but I think today people are too carried away with their desire to show off! But yep! the shoes is a crazy thing. Why? Because maybe you wear the same design but the comfort level and technique of shoe making doesn’t come with a fake one. This definitely means you will be putting yourself through sheer pain just because you want to show off! It’s totally not worth it. But then again, for some, it is.

I believe this “Show Off” attitude needs to be changed. Most of time we dress up to for others and not for our self and there we go wrong I believe! Why we really bother how we look and what people think? Can’t we wear something that make us happy and keep us comfortable and confident?

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