Valentine Giveaway : The Lotus Herbals Revisit Romance Contest (Closed)

Ok… so here is one more giveaway for you J If you have not participated in yesterday’s giveaway yet, you can participate here: Review + Giveaway – Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion and now we have one more opportunity for you. You can win an exclusive hamper by Lotus Herbals. Interested? I guess Lotus Herbals does not require any introduction. The brand is known for quality skin care and makeup products in India. Recently they launched an exclusive anti aging skin care range called “YouthRX”. I personally tried this entire range, you can read review here: Lotus Herbals YouthRX Anti-Ageing Skincare Range Review So after the amazing experience, it’s time to win something exclusive from “YouthRX” range!!

What Is the Lotus Herbals Revisit Romance Contest?

From Valentine Day’s mix tapes to long drives, you have had it all. It’s time to re-create your dearest romantic memory with Lotus YOUTHRx Serum + Crème.

The Lotus Herbals Revisit Romance Contest
The Lotus Herbals Revisit Romance Contest

What You Need to Do? & How to Participate in Giveaway?

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  4. Comment below and Share with us your beautiful memory with a loved one..

One Winner Will Win exciting Lotus Hamper !!

The winner announcement on 25th February 2016 on Facebook. Do check MyFashionVilla facebook page on 25th Feb at night 9pm 🙂 

 Terms and Condition:

  • One entry per person.
  • No Fake Profiles Please. If we will find fake entries; you will be banned for all future giveaways. Please be honest.
  • Giveaway opens for Indian Residents Only.
  • All The Steps are mandatory to follow to make your entry count.
  • It may take 15-20 days to reach the prize to the winner. Keep Calm.

Good Luck Guys and Girls..

Winner Announcement
Winner Announcement



18 thoughts on “Valentine Giveaway : The Lotus Herbals Revisit Romance Contest (Closed)”

  1. It was a time, when I was 8 month pregnant and our second anniversary was approaching. I was at my mom’s place then for delivery. I thought my husband would come to meet me on our anniversary, as he was working in another city. The day dawned and it was afternoon, still I didn’t hear anything from him, not even anniversary msg or wishes. I was feeling sad and was about to cry… that moment the doorbell rang ad my heart knew it was my hubby. My mom opened the door and there it was my husband holding cake and bouquet. He purposefully boarded a bus which would reach late as it would mean he is not coming. He kept all the plans secretive plus my mom and dad knew the plan. This is my sweetest memory with my beloved husband.

  2. Followed all the rules for the giveaway 🙂
    So here’s a story that will always be close to my heart. I used to be very scared of dogs till the age of 20 but then a female dog gave birth to 4 puppies behind my house and out of that 3 didn’t survive. We fed the baby pup and that;s when i realised how loving a dog can be and ever since ive never felt any kind of fear around dogs. Infact now I have labrador in my house along with the puppy who survived who v named roofy! And that’s how i fell in love with dogs 🙂

  3. Done all steps… hope to be the luckiest…
    well… I will never forget that day when I went for my first date with my would be husband (now he is my husband ). I can’t explain that nervousness, that feeling… so so romantic moment that was…

  4. Life is a roller coaster ride filled with lots of joys & sorrows in it. It’s a part & parcel of life. I have seen both in my life too. But I always cherished the beautiful part of my life which is filled with lots of joy, love & happiness. Not to forget lots of fun & laughter filled in it too. I would like to share my most precious moment of my life which was none other then the day when I got to know I was pregnant & was going to be a mom soon. Since I was married to my sweetheart childhood love we knew we wanted to have a baby & wanted to be parents soon. But that never happened the way we wanted to. Every time I would see a baby on T.V or anywhere outside such as in a mall, on the road My eyes would just fill with tears as why couldn’t I be a mom. But my hubby would always support me or say, that things happen only when it has to happen, believe in god, believe in yourself & it would happen. He would do everything to put a smile on my face to make me laugh & happy. That always made me the strong person that I am today. I love him for the things he has done then & the things he does today to keep me happy. Sometimes things just don’t happen as & when we want in life. But when it does unexpectedly it just fills life with lots of happiness & joy. After 6 long years of disappointment, the day I got to know the most amazing news of me having a baby of my own had no words or boundaries to express the happiness but just pure bliss to my ears which was the most unforgettable day of my entire life. And it was all because of my hubby who always told me to be positive in life. I love him more then he will ever know.

  5. Valentines is special and even more special when it’s about your BAE’s memory!!
    Thankyou for this beautiful giveaway on such a perfect VALENTINES OCASSION!!

    Memories are just flashing in front of my eyes, first walk, Our daily Tea talks early morning! I never know so much shades can exist in life before. Yeah I know , no one will capture my 50 shots to get the perfect one other than you :p . No one will take me to same place twice in a day!

    No one in the universe knows that I need Tea thrice daily that too at fixed Times,especially when things are getting imperfect with me or I am feeling bad!!He knows without Tea avery frw hours I get HeadAches…Thank you love for getting me a Cup of Hot TEA everytime we are together <3

    I never noticed until you told me you are the best stylist and hair dresser of me at least… parting my hair and styling it your own way Awww that is so special <3 :p No one can advice me better what suits me and what not, in which I will look my best! :*

    He is not only mental supporter but technical supporter too I can't count how many times I made a mess with laptops, phones and even Facebook! I knew you are there to solve all my problems. And I believe you will be always there….Fighting with every other guy who talks wrong to me and protecting me in all crowded spaces ,Holding my hands !<3 NO ONE EVER MADE ME FEEL THIS SPECIAL!

    Well this is to tell you in the coming years, I would be more irritating, more shopaholic, more crazy but my love for you will grow with every passing minutes
    ! Thank you for staying, thank you for bear my craziness, my love for you will never be less. Stay there for the rest of my life and I can assure you that our dates never ends 😀

    "Time passes so quickly in the daily busy life" and all these times All I cherish is you my love<3 <3

  6. I once went to visit my bf in 2014. He stated that he won’t be able to come to pick me up at the airport and I had to hire a cab. Moreover it was my first trip alone to the city where he stayed. Feeling a little apprehensive, as I exited the airport,there he was standing with a placard bearing my name. I simply jumped into his arms. And the sweetest part is that he tricked me this time too in January by doing the same. I love him so much!

  7. Most loved memory is when we were chilling together at home and watching harry potter series all day.. and then he helped me cook dinner. That was sooo sweet ❤

  8. Thank you so much for organizing this contest. Really appreciate it ! I would like to win this for my mommy dearest.

    My mother is the most Over The Top enthusiastic woman you’ll ever come across and looking at her you would never believe she is 62 !

    She is energetic, optimistic and has a great zest for life.

    She got married early at 18 and had me at 19.
    When I was 6 months old my dad passed away. Societal pressure, financial constraints, grief… my mom overcame them all – and how !

    My mom is culturally rich. Growing up my mom told me, “Art is a celebration of human achievements –You should always appreciate art….. you don’t have to understand it to appreciate it. “

    She used to take me forcibly to visits museums, art exposes and watch V.Shantanram’s films at the community club theatre… it ‘Navrang , Teen Batti Char Raste or Geet Gaya Patharon Ne’. As I was small I couldn’t understand the films which were mostly artistic and I used to just sit and wait for something to eat. Though not out of choice, but I was exposed to rich artistic culture, dance drama and prize winning cinematography.

    At 35, when I was grown up, she started learning German. At 40 she finished her Diploma in German and started teaching. At 43 she started learning Bharatnatyam with small kids and pursued it for 8 years. She has no ego and used to take tips on dancing from kids who were 5 /6 years of age. Now that she is 62 she has started learning French and loves it. She also runs marathons and has finished 15 km runs- at her age !

    She dresses up more than me ! Her wardrobe is a fine collection of saris , salwar kammezs and jeans and I often borrow clothes from her. She is a make-up hoard and has an elaborate ritual each morning with much singing, dramatics & live commentary that lasts one hour!

    It is from my mom that I have learnt that you can live each day to the fullest no matter your age !

  9. I can’t pick one day as a most memorable romantic day for us. We live each moment and there are countless memories that I have gathered over the period of 8 years of togetherness.

    However, the time when he proposed me would be the most special memory for me.

    Hope to win.

  10. It was our first anniversary whn we went to candle light dinner in terrace restaurant and he gave me my fav gift, my fav menu was thr, my music everything according to my test nd returning drive…… most romantic eve so far….


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