Review + Giveaway – Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion (Closed)

Here in Ahmedabad we already said bye to winter season of this year. Spring season already started here. That calls for getting a good body moisturizer which is not oily and greasy. I was looking for the one which is light and non-greasy but still gives good nourishment to my skin during spring. When it comes to organic beauty products, I never forget to check the offerings by “Organic Harvest”. The brand is committed to use ECOCERT certified ingredients only for all the beauty products they offer. For the spring and upcoming summer, I decided to try Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion and I loved it so much that I have decided to giveaway three of them 🙂 yes, find the review and giveaway details below. Or consider it as Valentines day giveaway 😉 Boys… your girl would definitely love this product as a gift especially when you will say, you have won it for her 🙂 #Think..

Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion
Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion

Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion Details

Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion is engineered from raw materials grown without chemicals, herbicides and pesticides; this creamy formula contains Tamarind Seed Extracts and Essential Oil and gives 24 hour miniaturization from head to toe. Tamarind seed extracts and actives derived from Natural Plant Moisturizing Factors (NMF) hydrate your skin giving it a youthful glow and also firming it up for a younger looking you. The essential oils replenish skin forming a protective barrier to let your skin be hydrated from within. This moisturizing lotion protects the skin’s moisture barrier, making your skin soft, supple and smooth.

Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion Review
Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion Review

Quantity: 100ml

Price: Rs 595

Availably: Online on all major portals.

Packaging: Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion comes in a plastic bottle with pump dispenser. The bottle is quite sturdy and travel friendly. It is really easy to take lotion on your fingers through pump dispenser, you don’t need to open the lid and put your fingers. Good..!! All other information like, manufacturing date, ingredients, brand details and details about the formula are mentioned on the bottle. Overall a very good packaging.

Organic Harvest Review
Organic Harvest Review

Formula & Fragrance: The formula of this lotion is not too thick and not too runny as well. When you take the lotion on your fingers and start applying, it penetrates really well. And you don’t get that greasy oily effect at the end. The absorption power is impressive though the fragrance is a little bit different like some Ayurveda cream but that is because it has all organic ingredients which help in skin nourishment and deep miniaturization.

Organic Harvest CReam Review
Organic Harvest CReam Review

So, I loved the packaging, loved the formula, and loved the ingredients and suppa happy with the results. Would you like to have one? For Free Of course!! Then participate in the Giveaway below.

Because it is an amazing product to have for smooth and nourished skin, I have decided to Giveaway 3 Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotions. So there would be 3 winners and each winner will win one Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion.

Organic Harvest Lotion Review
Organic Harvest Lotion Review

What are the Steps? Very Simple Steps to Follow.

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All 4 Conditions are mandatory to follow if you are participating.

That’s It!! I will pick 3 winners randomly. And all the entries would get verified manually. The winner announcement on 18th February 2016 on Facebook. Do check MyFashionVilla facebook page on 18th Fab at night 9pm 🙂 Good Luck

Terms and Condition:

  • One entry per person.
  • No Fake Profiles Please. If we will find fake entries; you will be banned for all future giveaways. Please be honest.
  • Giveaway opens for Indian Residents Only.
  • All The Steps are mandatory to follow to make your entry count.
  • It may take 15-20 days to reach the prize to the winner. Keep Calm.

Good Luck Guys and Girls..

And The Winners are:

Winner Announcement
Winner Announcement


13 thoughts on “Review + Giveaway – Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion (Closed)”

  1. I have a dry and sensitive skin. I always need good moisturizers to keep it healthy, shining, and soft. By the review that I read above, I think it is perfect for my skin in coming days. Would love to have it.

  2. Ohh I would love to win this for Many reasons, first of all its PARABEN free!!
    Then it’s been long that m searching perfect moisturising lotion (I have tried so many but not much satisfied)
    And your review on organic harvest lotion made me drool over it……

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for hosting the contest. I would love to win this as I am a big fan of natural and organic products. They are safe, healthy and do not harm the environment in any way.
    Moreover it has been reviewed and a thumbs up has been given by which is a great site for authentic reviews. The review on the site just made the offer very tempting!
    Eagerly looking forward.


  4. Hey
    Thanks for contest Hetal. I would love to win this as I have acne prone skin and I stick to no face brand except lotus.. I would love to try any real organic product if it can be mild to my skin and not cause me anymore breakouts..

  5. Hi Hetal,

    Firstly thanks for the review and secondly thanks for hosting the giveaway..

    I would like to win this mositurising lotion as you said the consistency is perfect, gets absorbed easily and smells ayurvedic. Plus it has no parabens and other chemicals. Our skin is the largest organ of body and most of the chemicals are absorbed through our skin. So I would lik to win this chemical free mosirturize…


  6. First of all thank you for this lovely giveaway
    I want to win this because I have heard a lot about organic harvest products and they are all organic
    Contain no chemicals and is gentle n soothing on skin and doesn’t irritates it like other creams that contain chemicals so I would really love to win this amazing thing for my skin
    Followed all the steps

  7. Hi..
    Lovely Giveaway, that too on the perfect season! My skin is drying so fast this winter season and I got a very sensitive skin too. I’ve been trying many of the moisturizers – some didn’t work at all and some gave me that greasy look on the face! I’d like to try this one. And moreover, it’s an organic one too. As my skin is very sensitive, I’d prefer an organic moisturizer any day rather than the one with too much of chemicals.

    Followed all the steps mentioned <3

  8. Organic Harvest products are safe, natural & environmental friendly. With them I don’t have to worry about any chemicals involved in the products as well as of any side effects to my health or to my skin of breaking out resulting in acne. Hence I just love Organic Harvest products. They are the best the nature has to offer to mankind. And they have done wonders on my skin resulting in a healthy & radiant glow. And hence winning them would be like a dream come true. As with them I would win joy, happiness & pure bliss for my skin. The Organic Harvest Moisturizing Lotion is important all the time but yes especially in summers because it refreshes my skin instantly. It is like fresh breeze of air with a mild fragrance on my face & body which is a real life saver from the scorching sun & it’s extreme heat. And It is also calming & hydrating on my skin with all the wonderful natural ingredients which keeps my skin glowing all through the summer & all year around.

  9. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and it absorbs 60% of what we put on it. The chemicals are absorbed into our blood stream and they keep accumulating over time leading to many health disorders and even cancer. It is always better use to products with only natural ingredients so its better in the long run. Organic Harvest products are free from harmful parabens and mineral oil. Also they are not tested on animals. Which is why I would like to try this body lotion.
    My FB name: Archana Guruswamy
    FB Share link:
    Subscribed email: [email protected]

  10. I want to win this because no matter how bad my life is sucking at the moment beauty and beauty products give me that little moment of pampering and feeling beautiful. Things have been extremely tough lately and I can always.count on my daily beauty regimen making me feel pampered and beautiful even if its just for a moment. I can’t afford a lot of new products or products that are high end or not in drug stores so trying something new would be amazing.


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