How to Turn Good Mornings into Gold Mornings : My Mantra

Lifestyle changes and lots of stress and noise around, many times we wake up to the morning when we still feel sleepy, tired, feel body pain and uneasiness. And if not physically but many time we feel lack of sound sleep which blocks the energy next day. Do not worry, if you feel that happens with you. It’s not just you, we all are sailing in the same boat. being a mother of a toddler, staying with family and running 2-3 businesses together, this happens with me all the time. However, I have developed a system or you can say a morning routine. I have identified a few ways to make sure, the next morning not just stays good morning for me, but it feels like Gold Morning to me. Here I am sharing some of those things which I do everyday and these things worked for me all the time. You can check the ideas and if you like, you can implement a few if you wish.


(1) I start my day with the website called If you know me personally, I must have told you about the same and a few of my friends do the same with me 🙂 and they too feel huge positive change after doing this. So this is the website which shares a small piece of motivation every day. Not too big articles, you hardly need to spend 2 minutes but this actually works. And I am reading this website for almost 2 years now and I believe, your day exactly goes the way you wish, if you start it in a proper way.

(2) While I read the post from Great Day website, I drink a Big Glass of water, which we placed aside at the night only. Water in the morning is really good to kick-start a day with lots of hydration and stomach clearing process. My husband started with this and now I am doing it with him and I can see good positive change in my belly fat too.

(3) I also keep a Gratitude Journal with me. I like the idea of starting the day with accomplishments and achievements. Which I do while being thankful and grateful for whatever I have. A gratitude journal is nothing but a small diary in which I keep on writing and adding things I am grateful for. If I had good sound sleep at night and if I feel I am thankful I write “Had sound sleep last night, I am thankful”. Similarly sometime I mention about feeling positive, having a wonderful family, a caring husband, being grateful to the work i do, the life I have given etc. So everyday I write 1-2 lines in my gratitude journal, No rules as such. Sometimes I also thank universe for giving us something like “Tea” (I love Tea). So it is not necessary how small the thing is, you can show your gratitude to anything and everything you feel. The benefit of doing this is, I get more and more chances, things and events to be thankful in life.

For example, at present I am thankful that I got this idea of sharing this post with you and for that I am grateful to Colgate for introducing the most amazing toothbrush range called Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold. The specially designed toothbrush to turn your good mornings into Gold Mornings. Follow the hashtag #Colgate360GoldMornings on social media to know more about it.

How to turn good mornings into Gold Mornings
How to turn good mornings into Gold Mornings

Hope you find this post useful. Please share your thoughts. I religiously follow above 3 things which I shared. How you make sure you have Gold Morning everyday?

By Hetal Shah

Hetal is the Founder & Chief Editor of :) To know more about her, check About us Page, or Write to her at [email protected]

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Hie hetal , yesterday I read your ‘how to start the day’. I thought of giving it a try…Today morning I started my day with and also with a glass of water . I felt really great and motivated. This is a baby step, and from tomorrow I have decided to add one ‘good habit ‘ into my daily routine. The feeling is awesome when we do something for ourselves …especially when we dedicate most of our time for kids and hubby. .. All Thanks to u for my new beginning 🙂 hugs XOXO suman

OMG!!! A tight hug.
I am so…… happy to read this. I am planning a new activity on the basis of this. I shall update you soon.
Stay in touch… :-* Muuuuuuaaahhh

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