Safetykart Review: A Shopping Portal to Buy Safety Products Online

Hola! Today I am going to share one more shopping haul with all of you. It is a small shopping haul but contains some important essential safety and wellness products. This is about which is a newly launch store with huge range of safety products online. I got three products from Safety Kart. Here is my haul and review.

I can’t recall any online ecommerce store dedicated to safety in India. Yes, there are a few portals selling health care products but Safetykart is dedicated to safety products only. And believe me, when you will browse through Safety Kart website you will find so many essential products that we need in day to day life and those products are definitely must have for our home.

Safety kart review
Safety kart review

So, I decided to order three such products from

Here is my parcel from safetykart which I received very next day of order. Super fast delivery I would say!

Safetykart Shopping
Safetykart Shopping

And here is my shopping haul.

Safety Kart Review
Safety Kart Review

(1) Fresh Ones Wet Facial Tissues: I always keep Wet facial Tissues on my dressing table. They are really handy when I want to remove my makeup quickly or sometime when I want to clear access of makeup fast. I also use wet tissues when I need to run somewhere and don’t have time to wash my face.

For the dressing table, I prefer plastic container of wet tissues instead of those pouch packaging available for keeping in to handbag. And getting wet tissues in plastic container is rare! So as soon as I saw this on Safetykart, I ordered it.

Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer
Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer

(2) Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer: I found this product very useful as many times we girls have to use public toilets, mostly when we are in restaurants, gym or traveling. And there are maximum chances of getting infection when we use public toilets. To prevent the same, this product is very useful. And When I saw this product on Safetykart, I saw excellent reviews for the same. So I decided to have it.

What it Claims?
Pee Safe is an instant Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray Which protects 99.9% of germs. It contains IPA formula which starts work in 5 seconds.

How to Use it?
We can keep this product in our handbag. While using public toilet, just spray it on toilet seat and wait for 5 seconds, and Toilet Seat is ready to use.

(3) Jungle Magic Kids Hand Sanitizer:
I bought this for niece! She is like me, No compromise when it comes to health and hygiene 😛
Do I recommend
Yes, definitely. Most of products on Safetykart are really useful in our day to day life. And now you can get them online then why not?
And Yes, Just saw that they are running Republic Day Sale, Up to 50% off. Do check it out for best deals on

Republic Day Sale Safetykart
Republic Day Sale Safetykart

Hope you find this post helpful.

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Stay Safe and Healthy!
– Hetal

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