Question about Skin Whitening, Good Facial Scrub & Face wash to Clear Fair Skin

Good Morning Friends 🙂 As usual, my morning started reading with followed by Facebook today. I saw Harry commented on my yesterday’s post about Amway Attitude SPF. He asked a question and I decided to write a post about it today. Before I do that, Harry and other boys… if you are reading this post, I would like to tell you that, do not feel like, Skincare and Bodycare is for girls only. You too, go out in the Sun, in Pollution, Dirt & Noise. And you eat and drink what girls eat and drink isn’t it? So, Skincare and Body care is for everyone. Everyone, whether you are a boy or a girl. And do not hesitate to ask 🙂 I am so happy that Harry asked. So, here you go Harry…



Can you suggest best Skin Whitening Scrubs and Facewash, that can clear your face from dirt and make it look fair? – Asks Harry Sehgal


Hey Harry, good to hear from you. I will break down your question in steps and would like to answer it in parts.

  • You asked about Whitening
  • You asked about Scrubs and Facewash, that can clear your face from dirt and make it look fair

So to start with Whitening. There are two things, whitening and brightening. Whitening products, I don’t recommend and use. The reason, most of them are loaded with chemicals and they give temporary whitening effect. The moment you stop using them, you see the whole game changed  Who wants that? So Whitening is a no no according to me.

Then what else? My answer is – Brightening. Brightening through a healthy, glowing skin. Here I can help.

 Let’s discuss the second point

  • You asked about Scrubs and Facewash, that can clear your face from dirt and make it look fair

So, for healthy glowing skin, you need a complete skincare routine. The Complete skin care routine includes A Face wash, A toner, A Moisturizer and A Night Cream/Serum – 4 iteams daily (twice) I have written a post on Skin Care Routine and Daily Skin Care Tips: Must Follow for Healthy Skin Forever this post will help you to know the importance of Skincare Routine and How to define your own skincare routine. Recently I have also shared and talk about my current night time skin care routine and I have mentioned the products I am using at present. You can read here My Current Night Time Skincare Routine – Probably working the Best

If you feel, deciding different brands and products is a big challenge, you can try Lotus Herbal Skincare Range.This range includes everything including Scrub, Mask and Eye Cream too. Here is the review Lotus Herbals YouthRX Anti-Ageing Skincare Range Review

Two Important Tips

  • Use Facial Scrub and Face Mask Once in a Week.
  • Invest in Good Sun Screen Lotion. Wear Sun Screen Lotion everyday, whether you go out in the sun or not.

Which Brands I like the Most for Skincare Products?

When it is Skincare, I like Kama Ayurveda, The Body Shop, Forest Essentials, Just Herbs, The Nature’s Co, Lotus Herbals, Oranic Harvest, Oriflame, Bottega di lungavita etc. Some of them have saperate skincare range for men, you can check it out.

So finally, what you need to do?

  1. Prepare your skin care routine as per your skin type (If you can’t decide products yourself, message me or mail me)
  2. Follow Skincare routine religiously
  3. At least try for 1 month and thank me later 🙂

Hope this helps 🙂

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