The Journey of Being an IT Post Graduate to Fashion and Beauty Blogger

There are some people on the earth who never find easy ways, or should I say, easy ways are not meant for them? Well, that’s the story of mine. From the childhood itself, my parents gave me space to take my decisions on my own. Of course, they stopped me, they say no to me when I was going wrong! But they never stopped me from doing experiments in life. They always encouraged me to try, and take risks. Because for an extraordinary life you must take risks, then and then only, you can achieve something concrete. With all those thoughts that I derived from my parents, today I am a self-made woman. The journey has never been easy. But I believe that life is a roller coaster ride and I enjoy the thrill you get taking crazy roller coaster rides. Do you want to know, the roller coaster in my life? Today I am sharing with all of you.


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To start with, let me tell you something shocking. Do you believe that I was the first girl in my town that came to the big city to study after the 12th! I belong to such small town where people hardly study. And girls? Rarely!! And Girls going out to study? Not possible!

BUT I ALWAYS WANTED TO LIVE LIFE EXTRAORDINARY. So I asked my parents if I can go out for study. Everyone was against me. People in our town were telling my parents that do not send your girl out for study. At the last, she will go to her husband’s home after marriage, then why to spend too much on the girl’s study?

But my papa had trust on me and he took my admission in Gujarat’s one of the finest Computers and IT institute. During the five years of time, when I was doing my masters in IT, My papa was taking proud that his daughter will be Website/Software Developer Soon!

And BOOM!! After completing my post graduate I realized that I am not meant for programming? I can’t be a web developer for entire life. And if I will choose programming as my career, probably I will be the worst web developer as I couldn’t see any connection and love with programming languages! OMG!! And it was the recession year (2009) when people were losing their jobs. Everyone advised me, to continue the same, what I studied for five years. I found a few relatives gossiping that after wasting my parent’s money for five years, now I want to do something else in life?

my career is my passion
my career is my passion

But I was firm to switch my career. I was firm that I can’t do something which I am not passionate about. But then what are the things I am passionate about? And the heart said Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Writing, Reading, Travel OMG! What not? But then what is that thing, which allows me to do all those activities which I am passionate about professionally? And after reading nights and day on the internet, I found that BLOGGING is something I can happily enjoy entire life. And I started

With learning new ways of effective blogging, social media, digital marketing, Today My parents are absolutely happy and proud when they see me earning and enjoying life together! This was the bold decision I made, but I have no regrets. Rather, I am living life of my choice. For more dreams to fulfill in future like home and property I found really interesting. Check more about them in Video below.

 So, that is what all about me. Share your views and thoughts in comment below!

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