What is Friendship? Acceptance or Agreement? Feat. Yaaron Ki Baraat

I have not talked about Friendship much before. But honestly friends are integral part of Life and for me, they are a lifeline too. I am blessed with many amazing crazy friends and each of them are different from each other.. I have a friend who snapchats every single life moment and I have a friend who never replies back on snapchat! I have a friend who takes pride in what I do (I mean blogging) and I have a friend who does not understand blogging at all!! I have friends, I call them.. Partners in crime and I have friends who always try to protect me..!! But one thing that is common among all friends I have and I am so proud of that is, They accept me the way I am and the way I am not!! They don’t want to change me at all… 🙂 And that’s why I feel blessed 🙂

What is Friendship?

Partners in Crime
Partners in Crime

If you ask me, I would say Acceptance.

The word, acceptance includes everything. When I say acceptance, I mean… accept your friend the way he/she is and the way he/she is not. Of course they might have loopholes, but who doesn’t have? You too have some good points and some bad points, right? Then why we expect the other person to be perfect? Think about it.

Friendship is not an agreement !

There are people who say, Best friends have to meet once in 10 days. They have to wish you on your birthday at midnight 12 am. They must surprise you time to time with different gifts. Best friends have to chat once in a day at least ! Well.. so many conditions you see?? And I feel suffocated when someone tries to bind me in a friendship agreement with full of terms and conditions!

  • No, I can’t be someone else!
  • No, I can’t agree with everything what you say and do!
  • No, I can’t be a perfect person, I will still make mistakes & learn gradually!

Yes, it is possible that I will forget to wish you on your b’day & anniversary.. but..but..but.. I will be the first one to stand by you when you are facing any challenges! That’s me!

For me, Friendship is not an agreement, but it is all about acceptance. Accept your friend the way he/she is and the way he/she is not! With all his good things and bad things.

Give them space, respect their choices, personal life and support whenever possible. That is what Friendship is all about. And trust me, I make friends everyday and I don’t need to chase them, rather they make me feel free, comfortable and loved.

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Hope you enjoyed the post and my thoughts about Friendship. Feel Free to share your thoughts too, in the comments below.

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