Dating an Emotionally Detached Woman: a Comprehensive Guide

A different topic to touch base today! Many women complain that a loved one does not pay due attention, often is sharp and categorical, however, men are also concerned about this problem with regard to the fair sex. Emotionally cold girls and women have recently been encountered more and more often because sometimes they must survive in a cruel world or even raise their own child without any help. Not everything is so simple, it’s a psychological problem, but it’s quite possible to solve it. A man can feel cold and callous from his beloved one, but this does not mean that it is urgent to change a partner, much depends on him. If you do not know how to make a girl nice, affectionate and kind, you need to make certain efforts and help her in this. Follow our recommendations on  how to date an emotionally detached woman, and your girlfriend will begin to show tender emotions and softness of character.

Emotionally Detached Woman

Show your love. Many girls become callous because of a lack of love and tenderness. She begins to feel unnecessary, she believes that she must become strong and independent, all this leads to the development of callousness. If you change your habitual behavior, chances are high that she will become softer. More often give gifts, make romantic appointments and call her. Send her a couple of messages about how you miss and how much you love her when you are not around. Learn to behave with courage and display various signs of attention. Such a change in attitude is bearing fruit already at the very beginning. Just give your girl more reasons to smile.

Give her a pet. In many cases, the resistance to the emotions of a girl can easily be defeated if she is given the opportunity to take care of someone. Be sure to find out what kind of animals she likes, and choose a gift according to the preferences of your beloved. The kitten causes tender feelings in almost all cases, and the need to take care of it will reduce the degree of callousness of your beloved. She learn to show her warmth and kindness towards the pet, and then to you. Perhaps, nobody taught it to her. You can become that person who will teach her to look at the world in a new way. And this is a guarantee of a long and serious relationship. Perhaps this will give birth to love for life.

Show her an example. Much depends on what relationship between a man and a woman your loved one sees. If in her family it was not customary to show emotions and show her love, she would follow it. She simply does not understand why all these words and strange deeds are needed, if Mom and Dad did not do so. Perhaps, callousness became her main feature because of the fact that former boyfriends were cruel to her, and she was closed. Therefore, you must show in your example how to do it. If you want her to often tell you about her love, do it yourself, if you need to receive a daily portion of tenderness, more often hug her and kiss her. Over time, she will get used to the fact that you need to be closer and treat you more gently.

Point out her mistakes. Sometimes you just have to talk, not playing games with riddles and rebuses. In a certain situation, tell her that this rudeness is inappropriate, that this is a sign of bad taste or lack of self confidence. Make her think hard and reevaluate her actions. There are women who are so unhappy that for many years they have been spending their lives on insults, reproaches and cynicism toward others. Arrange a romantic evening and gently discuss her actions, try to turn all to the joke if you feel that she emotionally “boils.”

Pay attention to your intimate life. Sometimes the callousness of a woman develops due to the fact that she is not happy in sexual terms. She lacks emotion, and the energy that she must spend for intimacy with a man turns into rudeness and rigidity. As a result, she cools down, forgets that she is a woman, starts to behave coldly. Physiologically, women are all connected with the psyche, so the lack of a full-fledged sexual life can have a negative impact on her character. If, after minutes of intimacy, she remains unsatisfied or depressed, she will eventually become stale and sometimes even aggressive. If you value your relationship and you want to make your beloved happy, pay attention to the quality of your sex. Perhaps she ceased to feel excited about you and dreams of other men.

Visit a psychologist. If you have tried all the methods described above and have not noticed positive dynamics, there is a high probability that you should consult a specialist. Throughout the world, young couples go to psychologists, and there’s nothing to worry about.

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