Color for the season – Orange

One of the perks of style-blogging has been that, you start falling in love all the colors around you!

Color for the season

As a kid my favourite color used to be pink and the number of pinks I had in my wardrobe always annoyed my male cousins! Need a new umbrella? Pink. A new frock? Pink! Shoes for birthday? Pink!

With growing years, however, I find myself drawn towards a lot of other colors. It’s like almost every season has a color of its own. Each comes with its own set of shades, own hues. And right now with the season of fall proceeding, the color I am obsessed with is ORANGE.


Orange is a fun, dynamic color that tends to elicit strong reactions. A close relative of red, orange seems to spark more controversy than any other color.

It’s bold, vivid and obnoxious at times.

Although with December comes into picture, it’s embracing Winter in Bangalore and gradually there would be shift from brighter shades to more of deep purples, blues and olive green. But for me, I am not yet over Orange.

Colors, are meant of be taken care of. In fact, moving out of my home town, I have become very particular about the fact, that under no circumstances my clothes are ruined or the colors getting faded away due to intense washing of clothes. There are a lot of service catering to laundry in Bangalore, who specialize in taking care of soiled clothes, ensuring that their colors are not damaged. You must try one if you are in Bangalore.

Love the colors around you. And as I always say.. Keep it stylish πŸ˜‰

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1 thought on “Color for the season – Orange”

  1. I absolutely love how you’ve embraced the color orange for this season! It’s wonderful how your style and color preferences have evolved over the years, and now orange has captured your attention. I agree, colors have a unique way of evoking emotions and setting the tone for different seasons.

    Orange is indeed a bold and dynamic color, and it’s fantastic that you’re not ready to let go of it, even as winter approaches. Embracing your favorite color and incorporating it into your wardrobe can add a vibrant touch to your fashion choices.

    Taking care of our clothes and preserving their colors is essential, especially when we have a favorite color that we want to cherish. It’s great to hear that you’re particular about maintaining your clothes’ colors and have found reliable laundry services in Bangalore to help you with that.

    Thank you for sharing your love for colors and style on your blog. Your passion shines through, and it’s evident that you enjoy exploring different shades and hues. Keep up the fantastic work, and I look forward to more stylish updates from MyFashionVilla! Stay connected and stylish as always! 😊


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