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Hi guys, This is the post I wanted to do since long, finally doing it today. If you know me, I am an avid online shopper. 80% shopping I do online except Grocery and few other things. No, I am not a Shopaholic anymore, rather I am a very smart shopper! And I am so proud of this skill which I developed. Wondering what I am talking about? Read this post, I am sure, you will not disappoint.

My Past with Spending & Shopping

If you know me, 3 years back, I was complete Shopaholic, means buying things on high price, buying things without any planning, buying branded things blindly, buying things without comparing price and last but the biggest regrets! Buying things without need!

Eye-Opening Phase

Gradually I noticed that I am spending too much on shopping and at the end of day, it is not giving me happiness for a longer period of time. Then I decided to transform this area for me, because I realized that no matter how much I earn, crazy spending will not give me happiness which I am looking for. So I decided to take some actions.

How I transformed myself from Shopaholic to Smart shopper

  • I started taking note of my spending to see how much I spend every month.
  • I started making my wish list, so that I don’t buy unwanted things
  • I promised myself to buy my needs only and not want!
  • I start searching for ways to earn money back from shopping, which I can reinvest again in shopping.

Today’s post is all about this topic. Means earning money for what you spend! Sounds exciting right? Well, after this post you will be like me, committed to earn money for shopping

The trick is to earn cashback for your shopping!

How Cashback Works?

I was so sure that I can’t stop shopping as it is fun for me. When I buy something good, I feel happy. However, I also discovered that It gives me more pleasure if I buy things on less price or when I get the best thing on genuine discount.

Meanwhile, I was reading some USA blogs and I came to know about Cashback websites and how people earn cashback from every shopping they do. I was sure that there must be some websites in India which offers opportunity to earn cashback! There I came to know about

earn cashback through cashkaro
earn cashback through cashkaro

I started using it, every time I shop online. Earlier I was not sure if it gives genuine cashback or not, but when I received a confirmation after 72 hours of my shopping that your cashback is tracked! I was so happy. Gradually I earned more and I successfully received payment as well 🙂

Here is my Earning !! Earning Proof 😛

cashkaro cashback earned
cashkaro cashback earned

How CashKaro Works?

  • It has simple process. To start with create a account on CashKaro, which is absolutely free
  • Do Login
  • Now search with The website/brand name you want to shop with. i.e. Amazon, Jabong, Myntra etc
Amazon Coupons on CashKaro
Amazon Coupons on CashKaro
  • Now from the coupon list you see on screen, select related offer of your interest. I found total 27 Amazon coupons for Amazon from all different categories. Please note that through CashKaro you will definitely get benefit of regular discounts that those websites offer, additionally you will earn cashback.
top amazon cashback coupons
top amazon cashback coupons
  • Now, for example, I want to buy shoes, so I will find a deal related to it, which I will click! (See image below)
Shoes Coupons and Cashback
Shoes Coupons and Cashback
  • Click on “Click to Activate Offer and Visit Site” this will land you automatically to the your selected site.
  • Now just shop normally like you do every time, your cashback will be tracked automatically!

Important FAQs

How you will know, if you earned cashback?

They send you an email to inform you the same. It takes around 3 days.

How they Pay?

Minimum Payout is Rs 300 and you can select Payment to be deposited in your bank account directly..

Why I recommend CashKaro? And What are Benefits?

  • First and the biggest benefit, who doesn’t like extra cash! Everyone right?
  • You don’t need to spend any extra time or effort
  • Absolutely Free
  • Genuine Website
  • It has almost all major shopping portals on board with great offers and cashback
  • You can find all offers and discounts from the same website only
  • And last but not the least, With, you are saving money

So these were my thoughts on Shopping, Spending, Saving and using Cashback Website to earn cashback. Also, I am thankful to CashKaro for bringing this concept to India, bliss for avid shoppers like me 😉

Hope This may help you all ladies!

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