Master the Art of Online Shopping: Your Ultimate Online Shopping Guide

Hi Girls, How are you keeping? Chilling in the winter? The warm Sunbath is a true bliss these days, isn’t it? If you will ask me what I am doing, I will say shopping. Yes, I have a big wishlist and it is growing meanwhile I came across many things on sale from my wishlist. Also, secretly I am planning gifts for hubby as well, for his coming b’day. During the shopping process, I thought to write and share this online shopping guide for all of you. Hope you all will enjoy it.

mster the art of online shopping myfashionvilla
mster the art of online shopping myfashionvilla

In this post, we are mainly going to cover below points:

  • Plan Your Shopping
  • Using Coupons
  • Using Cashbacks
  • Need Vs Want
  • 10 Second Shopping Thumb Rule

Plan Your Shopping


I always plan for shopping. I never go for unplanned shopping. Big NO! Why? Because the study says that 80%; you get “no need items on higher price” when you shop without plan. Yeah, that’s right! So never go shopping without planning. Then, you may ask me, what to include in planning? means how to plan shopping? Here are a few useful tips you should remember:

  1. Always make a Habit of Preparing Wishlist.
  2. Have Wishlist in Smartphone Notes app or ColorNote App
  3. As you come across something you like to buy, bookmark it in your browser
  4. When you need to shop, start checking online stores for the price
  5. Keep Debit Card Handy with required Fund, Just in case, a few stores or few items are not available for COD (Cash On Delivery Option)
  6. If you are a Shopaholic, keep your savings and spending accounts different.

Now You know, How to Plan Your Shopping.

Use Online Coupon Websites

priceburp coupon website
priceburp coupon website

I have shared and reviewed many coupon websites in the past. Recently I tried for the Jabong Coupons. I was checking GOSF sale a few days back, but there were so many different offers on different categories. I was looking for one website where I can see all Jabong Offers at one place only, and that time I got coupons for Jabong there and successfully shopped from Jabong India. Whenever you decide to do online shopping, check all available coupons. How to find coupons? Here are a few tips.

  1. Google them with Store name. For Example, “Jabong Discount Coupons”
  2. If you are using Coupon Website Only, Go category Wise: For Example “Clothing & Fashion” “Business” ”Entertainment” etc.

Use Cashback Website

Earn Cash Back MyFashionVilla
Earn Cash Back MyFashionVilla

It is comparatively new trend in India. However you must try this option if you are an avid online shopper like me. Cashback means, on your gross total, you get 3-15% cashback . You earn that cash back amount which works as a saving for you, and you get it in your back account directly, which you can spend for other things. Cool… right? If you want details about how to earn Cashback, check my last post here.


Need Vs Want: Never Over Spend With This Rule

Need or Want - Life Rule
Need or Want – Life Rule

When it comes to shopping, I never say, one should not shop, but the question is, what are you shopping;  your wants? Or Your Needs? Sounds confusing. Well, there is a difference. Needs are the things which you need anyway. For example in clothing, a few denim jeans are need. But Printed Pants, Color Pants, High waist Pants and few other pants are want.  Similarly, having good pair of shoes is a need, but having all different colors of shoes is a want. Here, I am not saying, you should not shop for wants. But my point is, fulfill your needs first. After that with remaining budget, complete your wants. This is the key to do shopping in budget. You just simply need to ask a question to yourself, when you like something online: “IS it My Need Or My Want”. If the answer comes, need. Feel Free to Shop. If the Answer Comes Want. Check my next Point.

10 Second shopping Rule

10 second shopping rule myfashionvilla
10 second shopping rule myfashionvilla

This is the thumb rule for online shopping which I always use and recommend. It is like, for example, I liked something on an Online Shopping Website, I will add that in my cart. I will add all the items in my shopping cart which I like. Once I am done picking items and adding them in my cart, I will review my shopping cart with this rule. I will check each item one by one. I take 10 seconds and ask myself, I really want it? Is it worth? After 10 seconds, if my answer is yes, I take it. If I get no within 10 seconds, I remove it from my cart. This way the shopping process is quick and not so confusing. Just follow the rule of 10 second and enjoy online shopping.

So, these were my top online shopping tips which I wanted to share with you all. Hope these tips will help you all. Please share your views in comments.

Till Then..

Lots of Love..

Happy Smart Shopping !!!

xoxo :-*:-*:-*

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