Video Tutorial: 3 Beauty Tips with a Spoon by Michelle Phan

3 Beauty Tips with a Spoon
3 Beauty Tips with a Spoon

Today, I am going to show you a video tutorial that you are going to love totally, I am sure! This Video is by Michelle Phan, who gives 3 very useful beauty tips with Spoon. In a way; three uses of spoon that you can do to enhance your beauty! How cool is that! And don’t forget to implement those spoon tricks after watching this video. So ready for the masterpiece video on beauty? Here you go.

Trick 1: Use Frozen Spoons to tighten your Skin & have relaxation

Trick 2: Use Spoon as a Eye Lash Curler Tool

Trick 3: Use Spoon to make your own Lip Color!

Here is the Video Tutorial! Enjoy Girls…

3 Beauty Tips with a Spoon by Michelle Phan


So Who’s going to try this Beauty Tricks with Spoon? Well, I have tried, and it works excellent! Try yourself and share your views with us.

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