Raveena Tondon in Sabyasachi but What’s Wrong with Her Makeup?

Raveena Tondon in Sabyasachi
Raveena Tondon in Sabyasachi


Recently Raveena Tondon spotted at one event called “Miss Diva 2013” where she opted for Sabyasachi Saree. It was heavy stone studded saree by Sabyasachi. It was not her Saree which got my attention but her makeup! Look at her makeup? She totally ruined Sabyasachi moment with just bad makeup.

What is wrong with Raveena Tondon’s Makeup?

Ravina Tondon in Sabyasachi Mukherjee
Ravina Tondon in Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Well, the basic thing in makeup!  That is makeup is not smudged and spread evenly on her face. See her neckline and her face. There is clear difference in both. Face is looking totally different than her nude neckline. The second most important thing is; her Sabyasachi Saree itself is way too gaudy; and upon then she used so much Bronzer in her makeup! Totally not working!

Thumbs Down for Raveena Tondon! 

Thumbs Down for Raveena Tondon




What we Learn about Makeup here?

Two Basic Makeup Tips that Raveena Tondon missed here.

  • Well, whenever you apply makeup; No matter you go for light makeup or heavy makeup; Make sure you spread it evenly on your face, ears, jaw-line and neckline and Neck. Don’t miss anything on this; otherwise your makeup will look artificial and can give you horrible look.
  • When you wear some Gaudy Saree on any function, Try be minimalist on makeup. Let your attire get noticed. Don’t Overdo Heavy Saree + Heavy Jewelery + Heavy Make-up, Can you Thumbs Down!

What do you think about her look? What is the most important thing that one should keep in mind while applying makeup?

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