Trends of Spring and Summer 2011: Latest Fashion Wear

spring fashion 2011
Spring Fashion 2011

We all know that summer and spring is the time which is to rest, relax and to be carefree so of course we have to choose the outfit accordingly. It is really exciting to change the wardrobe with new fashion apparel which is trendy, enjoyable and cool. Well I think choosing the perfect outfit for the season is not everyone’s cup of tea. Things like colour, texture, atmosphere, skin tone, personality and material should be taken into consideration while selecting outfit for summer. This means flaunting your beautiful skin and curves which can make you look very cute and lovely. You may need keen eyes and sensible mind to select perfect summer spring fashion wear.

Fashion is something which changes destination every season and every year. While this summer fashion is flowing, flattering and pleated. So get ready for flattering dresses variety with the dusky colours, bold patterns and chunky pieces. A simple flawy maxi can look stylish with chunky jewellery like beaded necklace, bracelets and big size bold ring. Maxi dress is comfortable, versatile, breezy and looks very glamorous with nice print and colour. The summer fashion of year 2011 is really hot with the flirty, airy and sheer tops.

However this spring and summer fashion has strong comeback of timeless white shirt. These white shirts are very practical which adds elegance and style to your personality. Stylish white shirt can make you look hot chic and full length skinny blue jean can add more charm to it. There are plentiful ways to wear these jeans. You can roll these jeans up for casual look and can roll down for formal look. It is on our hand to make the summer fashion hotter and can be style icon in your group.

Spring fashion will be incomplete without the floral print outfit. Variety of floral prints will dominate the market of spring/summer 2011. This floral prints and outfit patterns remind us of 90’s fashion. These floral print are wonderful versatile and we girls can look stunning if perfect colour is selected. For hot chic look girls can wear floppy hats and studded heals with such floral print one piece. While selecting proper floral print outfit you should take few things into consideration, like print color, size of print and material. As it is summer pastel colours are more advisable and material should be cool so that you can be comfortable in hot summer. As far as size of print is concern you should select it according to your body size that is, if you are thin big floral prints will look good but if you are fat then you should go for smaller prints.

Hope this write is enough to make to you trendy in this spring and summer fashion 2011. Now go and hit nearest fashion mall in your city and do give your reviews on it.

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