Tips to Counter the Signs of Aging

Our skin is perhaps the most vulnerable part of our body due to the amount of environmental damage it endures every day. Yet, it remains one of our most resilient organs. Most of us don’t even acknowledge or even realize the amount of dust and radiation our skin undergoes every single day just so we can carry on with our day-to-day operations without hindrance. However, these activities and our general negligence of our skin can cause lasting damage to the skin, the least of which will be to our complexion and you will notice the signs of aging next.

The cells in our skin, no matter how resilient, have the tendency to die eventually. They do so more often when there are outside forces exerting pressure upon them. These cells, we must realize, are cells after all.

In this post, we will share some useful skincare and lifestyle tips to Counter the signs of Aging. Read full post.

Tips to Counter the Signs of Aging

Tips to Counter the Signs of Aging

Stay Out of The Sun

The sun is a bright yellow star that breathes life into our planet day in and day out. The sun is also a deadly laser that could char us to a crisp if it weren’t for the ozone layer protecting us. The ozone layer filters out a decent amount of the ultraviolet radiation that would otherwise give us fatal skin diseases.

However, there is still a fair amount of ultraviolet radiations floating around and spending too much time under the sun could be extremely bad for your skin. The cells in your skin would die faster due to the excess radiation and heat, leaving a thin layer of dead cells on your skin.

This could also increase your wrinkles and decrease the all-over health of your skin. Staying out of the sun not only protects your skin from the short-term effects of radiation, but also protects you from aging faster than you should.


Sun Protection

Stay Hydrated

The cells in your face, much like all the other cells in your body, are made predominantly of water. In order to keep them in the best shape, you need to provide them with enough hydration to keep them alive. The skin is also the longest organ in the human body, and there are some parts of it which are very far away from the stomach, and it takes a long time to transport the water from the stomach to some parts of the skin.

It is, therefore, necessary to drink enough water to hydrate all parts of the skin in order to keep the cells on the surface fresh and to reduce the signs of aging that might show up on our face due to dehydration.

Keep in mind, though, that hydration here does not include physical contact of the skin with water, as too much water on the skin could actually leave your skin dry since water does not combine with the hydrophobic oils that our skin produces for moisture and makes the oils evaporate, leaving the skin cells with little to no protection from the outside world.

Stay Hydrated


As previously mentioned, the cells in your skin have a tendency of dying and leaving you to take care of their corpse. This can be extremely frustrating when the cops aren’t your only problem, but instead, the biggest problem is the wrinkles they leave when they accumulate and the overall decrease in the health of your skin.

Exfoliating can get rid of this layer by use of facial scrubs, loofas or simply water. The first thing to try is water, however, if that doesn’t work, the best thing for your face would be to try a gentle facial scrub or learn more in about exfoliation. Also, loofas can be used for the rest of your body as they are made of natural sponge and can take care of your dead skin pretty efficiently.

Skin Exfoliation

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

So far we’ve talked about the skin on a cellular level. However, there is a lot more to the skin than just the epidermal cells. The skin, as a whole, has a complex set of mechanisms directed towards fixing it and keeping it in good condition.

From maintaining the right pH to keep the skin sufficiently lubricated, evolution has taken care of everything. The skin also has a lot of oil pores to provide itself with the necessary oils so that it doesn’t dry up. This helps in protecting the skin from bacteria and such outside pathogens as well as keeping it smooth and moisturized so that the skin doesn’t dry up completely.

As mentioned above, washing your face too much can actually be bad for your skin. The best course of action to take here would be to apply lotion or sunscreen every time one goes out or every time the skin feels dryer than usual, as explained here.

Keep your skin moisturized


Hope you find these tips helpful, it is time to take actions now to Counter the Signs of Aging. Let’s improve our lifestyle and develop a good skincare routine.

Have Happy Glowy Healthy Skin 🙂

Stay Beautiful, Keep Smiling and Love Yourself..


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