Stand Out From The Crowd With Funky Shoes

Who does not like to get compliments about look, makeup, cloths and accessories? We all like it, right? We all feel special when people notice our dressing, shoes, bags or makeup. So today’s post is about the same. We are talking about Funky shoes today. And what type of funky shoes will stand out from the crowd? Keep reading. p.s. this post is for boys and girls both πŸ˜€ So boys carry on with the complete post.

When we talk about shoes the first two things come in mind are, either the sports shoes or formal shoes. But trust me, there are many more types of shoes you must try! If you want to match your steps with latest fashion trends, you must try funky shoes! No.. funky shoes are not for teenagers only. You can definitely try funky shoes which matches your persona. And the best part is companies who offer branded shoes, are offering an array of funky shoes these days.

What Kind of Funky Shoes Available in The market?

Funky Shoes with Your Favourite Characters : Think about the shoes with minions painted on it!! Or how about Batman, Joker, Spiderman, Ironman?? Stunning right? Well, shoes with your favorite character always look fantastic. For example, my husband has shoes with Michael Jackson figure!! Coool?? Well, he loves everything about MJ and so his shoes!

Minion Shoes for Men
Minion Shoes for Men

Funky Shoes with Neon Laces: Now this is the latest trend. If you are a party animal, this type of shoes will turn heads to you. You don’t need to purchase a separate shoes for the same. You can buy neon shoes laces separately. Rock the look!!

Neon Shoelace
Neon Shoelace

Funky Shoes with Graffiti and Comic Prints: A beautiful graffiti or a comic print on shoes has potential to stand out definitely. However, you need to find the brand offers shoes cool casual shoes with fun prints!

Graffiti and Comic Print Shoes
Graffiti and Comic Print Shoes

Funky Shoes in Different Styles and Colors: When it comes to shoes, there are countless styles possible. You can find some cool looking loafers, sneakers or shoes with stripes. These days, metallic silver shoes are also in trend. When you wear such statement shoes, you can keep your dressing minimal and let the shoes grab attention πŸ˜›

Styling Tip: When you opt for Funky Shoes, especially in bright colors or print, wear solid color shirt, denim, pant or shirt. Such that your shoes stand out always!

Hope This Post will be helpful to all of you πŸ™‚ Share your views.



6 thoughts on “Stand Out From The Crowd With Funky Shoes”

  1. Where I will get these shoes hetal..these r soo pretty…
    samar loves spiderman shoes. .he has many but still looking for more
    great post. .

    • Thank You :-* Glad you liked the post.
      There are many international sites who ships great stuff to UK. You can always try Amazon and ebay for the same. Also try Aliexpress, they have huge number of options for funky shoes, especially for kids. The minion shoes(in the post image) are from Aliexpress only.

      Hope that Helps πŸ™‚

          • Hye… hetal…
            Really you receiving orders from AliExpress, because i had ask for lot of the time from thier but no order is placed till now…

            very entrusted portal that is !!

          • I ordered many things from AliExpress and I guess no parcel got miss placed. Yes, it takes time.. some times even 2 months but it reaches to me. However I have heard that people in Big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore face problems with Post and Customs more when they place international orders.

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