Question Regarding Dark Circles, Eye Puffiness And Its Solution & Cure

So it’s Sunday Again means Q& A Post. Today’s question comes from Het. Before I tell you anything about today’s question, I want to acknowledge Het for asking me. Most of the boys think, Beauty is Girl’s Subject..!! And I strongly disagree with that. See.. For boys grooming is important. Also Boys work in jobs and they do business. Being presentable isn’t important thing? Then, with bad skin, pimples, dark circles, itchy skin, hair fall, dry and dark lips, how you can look presentable? No matter how well you dress up..!! Your ugly skin and bad hairs will never let you Win.. !! isn’t it? So my invitation would be, Ask.!! Again I am not saying that you Put on makeup or go for facial mask every week like girls do. But at least basic skin care routine is a must for all.. ; Whether you are a male or a female.

So, I really appreciate Het today for coming out of that boundary that Boys cannot ask about Skin care and hair care related queries. And with that I want to say all my male friends and readers of MyFashionVilla; that if you care for your skin & hair, if grooming is important for you, if you want to look presentable, Feel free to ask me. Mail me your queries related to Skincare, Hair Care, Dressing as per the occasion, Grooming and lifestyle on [email protected] Would love to hear from you.

Now coming back to the question of today!

Het Asks

I have significant under eye black dark circle and puffiness which looks really bad on my face. Is there any remedies for the same? Also is there anything homemade product which I can use to reduce black under eye circles or puffiness?

Please advise.

My Answer:

The causes of Dark Circle can be many. One can get dark circles due to insufficient sleep, bad lifestyle, stress, hormonal changes, aging, dehydrated body and in some cases; dark circles come as hereditary too. Now, the last one that hereditary dark circles are tougher to treat, but good care and some home remedies can reduce them definitely.

So, first of all I want you to find out the cause. And follow these tips religiously. When I say religiously, you can’t go easy. And I assure you, when you will follow these tips, your lifestyle will get positive benefits. So do it.

Tips to Reduce Dark Circles

(1) Drink At least 8-10 Glasses of Water

Looks simple right? Yes it is simple. But I want you to drink water in a proper way. Oppsss Drinking Water has a method too? Oh Yes. Believe me, if it was that simple, I guess half of the dark circle problems could have gone already.

What is Wrong Method of Drinking Water?

To complete 10 glass water target, people drink more water than they can handle. i.e. you are thirsty enough to drink 1 small glass of water. But because you want to achieve that 10 glass of water a day target, you drink 2 glasses of water at a time. Wrong!!! Instead of help, it will create trouble for you. Do not drink water when you are not thirsty.

What is the right way to Drink Water?

Drink Water in Parts. Like a half glass of water every half an hour. Again, I don’t mean that you have to see time and drink. I am just saying, drink a small quantity of water frequently. To do so, make sure you keep a water bottle on your working table. I do that every single time I sit on my working table. The moment I sit on the working table, Before I do anything, I drink one-to sip of water. And I keep my water bottle open. So that, even if I am working, or I am reading or I am writing or if I am talking to someone, I do not need to open the lid. And believe me that works. When the bottle is opened in front of you, you drink water frequently because it is easy to access and not at all time consuming.

So Drink At least 10-12 Glass of Water Every day. Slowly and gradually. But this is the habit that will benefit you in the long term. Definitely.

(2) Take Enough Sleep:

At least 8 hours of sound sleep is must. If you don’t get 8 hours sleep straight away, take small naps in the day time. If sleep is a problem, Do physical exercise more. Walk, Run and let your body get tired. You will get good sleep.

(3) Include Fruits and Nuts in Your Meal

Healthy eating means healthy Body. Fruits and Nuts will help you to have good metabolism. And if your metabolism is good, other health related problems will stay away.

(4) Do not Worry Much. Stay Stress Free.

Most of problems in our life, are there for a time period only and we can’t do anything. Now, if we can’t make a dirrefernce, why to worry? Let it go. Our job is to stay happy and helathy. DO not worry unnecessorily because worry can not solve any problem. Keep smiling stay happy within.

Now Some Home Remedies That You Can do At home

(1) Grated Potato For Eyes

Take a potato. If it is small, take two of them. Now grat potato and apply it over your eyes. Keep it for halk an hour. The starch in potato will give positive change to dark circles. Repeat it every aletrnate days or at least 2 times a week.


(2) Used Tea Bags for Eyes

Get a packet of Green Tea Bags. You will find it in a supermarket or a grocery store. Make green tea out of a tea bag but do not throw away that used tea bag. Put it in refrigerator. At night before you sleep, take out 2 of those tea bags from fridge and place them over your eyes. The Caffain in Green Tea will help curing dark circles. Stay calm and relaxed. Keep tea bags over your eye lids for 15 minutes. Once done, Sleep.


Best Eye Creams for Dark Circles 

Before I recommend any eye cream, let me tell you one fact. Without doing anything above, NO Eye cream will Work. You can use eye cream as supportive element only. But alone eye cream will not work.

I have tried many eye creams. Among all, I found these 3 eye creams more effective. Links are below which are my affiliate links.

So that was all from my end. Hope I answered your question. Before I end my answer, I just want to tell you, that you may not get results in 1-2 months. But keep going, do not stop. Ultimately all above tips will improve lifestyle too.

All The Very Best.


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