My Haircut Story! Why I went for Short Haircut?

That day, I was sipping tea and flipping pages of Grazia, and a picture of a model got my attention! No, it was not her outfit or makeup that got my attention but her haircut! And immediately I tried to imagine myself with such short hair cut.. and I laughed out loud literally. No, it wasn’t because I see myself looking horrible with a short haircut but I couldn’t imagine myself at all… with the short haircut. I tried hard to imagine and create my own image, but I wasn’t getting it!!

And I realized, it is because I never went for short hair in the past. The shortest hairstyle I have ever tried was till shoulder and below. And the crazy idea came to my mind, how about trying something like this time??

When I shared this idea with my friends and family, their instant reaction was.. ARE YOU CRAZY? You have such gorgeous long black locks. People die to have such beautiful hair. No! No.. Shorthair for you!

But at a certain point, I am impulsive! I love doing crazy things, and playing around things that I have never tried. And for me 2017 is the year to try new things, explore, going beyond my limits!

Chopping off such long hair was a challenge for me as well. But hello!! It’s just a part of the body. Why such emotional attachment?? When I want to try new things, I don’t think much, I know it can be risky but fine..! I can manage!

And finally, I decided to execute this crazy idea. For the haircut, I trust Aurum Salon and Spa in Ahmedabad. That is my favorite place for the haircut, Hair spa, Body spa, and pedicure. I have tried their services before, you can read my review of Aurum Spa Here:

I know they are just best, especially their hairstylist. The guy who does the haircut at Aurum Salon is a quite experienced person. He is specially trained for short haircuts.

Before Haircut at Aurum Spa Ahmedabad
Before Haircut at Aurum Spa Ahmedabad

So, without delay, I took an appointment. To my surprise, the lady at Aurum Salon said, ma’am, you can come now!

Me: Now?
Manager: Yes Ma’am. In half an hour?
Me: Pause…
Me to myself: am I going too fast with this crazy idea?
After a few seconds, I heard her voice again.
She: Ma’am?
Me: Okie, let’s do this.

And I reached Aurum Spa and Salon around 4.30pm. This lady offered me water and welcomed me with a beautiful smile. She introduced me to the hairstylist there.
And we started πŸ™‚

Hairstylist: Yes, ma’am what kind of haircut you want?
Me: Short!
Him: How short?
Me: Shortest one that you think would look good as per my face shape. And it should change my look completely. Give me a Makeover with Hair Cut!
Him: Are you sure? I promise to give you Makeover but we will cut down the length to above shoulder. Inverted Bob I suggest…
Me: Fine. Makeover for me!!
Him: Done thing!

At Aurum Spa & Salon Ahmedabad
At Aurum Spa & Salon Ahmedabad
Went Short
Went Short

And then… I got this πŸ™‚ some of you already have seen pictures on social media, if not, here you go.

Chopped Off MyFashionVilla
Chopped Off MyFashionVilla
my haircut story
my haircut story

I want to take this opportunity to tell you something that I learned with this experiment.

Most of the time, we get such crazy ideas in life. We want to do experiments in life, but we don’t take action because we keep asking people for their approvals. We seek others approval all the time and ultimately we end up doing nothing!

Well, I am glad that I listened to my heart only. I wasn’t sure if it will look good or bad, but I was ready to take action. I was sure not to blame anybody if I will not look good with short hair because the decision was mine.

Listen to your heart, my dear πŸ™‚
Rest.. everything will take place.
Live life of your own choice.
Live a life of no regrets.
Play around, Go Crazy
And stay happy πŸ™‚

and if anything else fails with your haircut, just wear a women’s wool hatπŸ™‚

Hugs! Hope you enjoyed.


11 thoughts on “My Haircut Story! Why I went for Short Haircut?”

  1. The last lines made me fall in love with you even more.. Love the hairstyle.. And you look adorable beyond words… πŸ™‚

  2. And you’re looking cutest in this hairstyle… Evn i wnt to go for short hairstyles bt before that i wanna grow them long enough same as you had ?

  3. You have always been very motivating towards me πŸ™‚ I loved you this post and the last line made me fall in love with you all over again…Love you darling ?

    • Aww Rutavi.. a tight hug to you my dear. You yourself is a big inspiration for me, and you know how I love you..!! Thanks for loving the post and sharing these beautiful words.. means a lot to me!! Muuuuaaaahhh!!


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