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Must have Self Defence & Personal Safety Products for Women

“Beautiful girls should know how to defend themselves against the advances of gentlemen.” ― Cassandra Clare wrote these inspiring lines for girls like you and me. Self Defence today has become an important part of a girl’s life, just like her shoe and make-up kit. Do not agree to me? Then read on.

Women Safety
Women Safety

Technology in India is at its peak in past five years and so is the crime-rate. Empty elevators, deserted roads, public transport all are the palpable crime scenes for the pervert opportunist; they provide the required isolation for the eve-teasers, stalkers and molesters to take the scene to their advantage. So what should we women do?? Should we stop going into empty elevators or traveling alone late night? Should we stop wearing our favorite clothes and ditch the make-up for someone might get attracted to us. (Trust me these guys do not see what you wear or how you look like, just seeing you afraid of them, gives them kicks and ego-boosting!) So the question is, are we going to ditch our normal life for few people in the society that have taken upon themselves to increase the crime-rate by day and night?


My answer would be NO. Women today are way ahead of their primitive counterparts. Women today are learned, free-willed, smart professionals who are go-getters just like their male counter-parts. We are not afraid of going out and doing things on our terms and conditions, we are not afraid of leading in our professions, we are no longer afraid of working late hours. Then why should we be afraid of that stalker haunting us every morning while we take our walk or that eve-teaser on way to home from work. We cannot and should not tolerate this nuisance and start giving them back! Yes, Show the criminals that we are not afraid of them, that we can fight them.

Which are must have Self-Defence Tools?

You do not need to know Karate or Boxing to defend yourself from falling prey to such situation (If you do its better, can give a few extra kicks from all of us will you 😉 ) Safetykart is one  such website which has various products that help us in Self Defence from sticky situations like this. One just needs to smart and alert enough.

Knock-Out Punch

Must Have Safety Products
Must Have Safety Products

Pepper Spray is one such product that can be used for Self-Defence, I know of this Knock-out Punch from Safeykart that is available these days in market which comes in a cute pink bottle (imagine the molester will never know that it can be a pepper spray in that pink bottle to knock him out!). If you are walking on the empty street looking for hauling a rickshaw and see some few strange men advancing towards you, keep handy a pepper a spray in your purse, as soon as the person is close enough spray the Knock-out Punch pepper spray on him. By the time he will gain consciousness, you will be far enough to call for some help. This pepper spray can immobilise multiple attackers at a time. So next time you are in empty elevator and a molester enters it just press all the buttons up to your desired floor, he will not dare to make a move on lift that stops on all floors and in case he still does, use your tiny weapon Pepper-spray on him.

The cheery on the cake is that this Knock-out Punch Self-Defence spray comes with a free Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer; it is a toilet seat sanitizer that will keep you germ-free even when travelling and using public toilets. Isn’t that a great deal? So what are you waiting for girls, Get yourself a Self-Defence pepper spray from

Cobra Magnum

Cobra Magnum is essential product for self defense. It gives maximum safety and the effect can last for 1-2 hours at least. It comes with Lock system and this one is compact in size so that you can carry it everywhere in your bag! Cobra Magnum is more than sufficient to handle a small mob of 10/12 people easily.

Self Defence Products
Self Defence Products


One more pepper spray in personal safety category for all women by Safetykart. This pepper spray contains extracts of Oleo resin Capsaicin, extracted from Red Chilli and pepper. Bodyguard is a must have product for all ladies who go out alone for job, business and any other work. It is also essential if you travel alone. Always keep this spray in your purse and relax with no worries!

Safety Product for Women
Safety Product for Women

So these are must have safety products for all women by Safetykart. Hope you like this post. The last thing that I want to say is, when it comes to health and safety, let’s not do any compromise! Get these must have products and have safe life.

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By Hetal Shah

Hetal is the Founder & Chief Editor of :) To know more about her, check About us Page, or Write to her at [email protected]

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