Jewellery Designer and bead maker’s Interview- Melanie Moertel

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Melanie Moertel


Jewellery Designer’s Melanie Moertel says -I live and work as a full time beadmaker and lampwork teacher in a small town called Bamberg (Bavaria/Germany). My previous career was working as a graphic designer, before I turned to glass in 2003.

Q:  Can you give us some hints about the inspiration behind your beautiful collection?
Ans: My inspiration is mostly to create pieces that I would like to wear myself. Everybody has a different taste and it is so hard to get people to agree about design. That’s why I don’t try to follow fashion or color trends, I only focus on my own taste. If I am happy with my creations then I can put 100% of my energy and love in it and I hope that transfers in my work.
Q: Would you ever consider collaborating with a fashion designer?
Ans: Definately I would love to do that! Jewellry and fashion design go hand in hand and I can see that a collaboration would be very inspiring for both sides.
Q: Did you always want to be a jewellery designer?
Ans: I always wanted to become a designer, yes. My focus was not on anything particular first, mostly I was interested in fashion design. But unfortunately I have not been patiend enough when it comes to work with fabrics. After school I worked a few years as a graphic designer, but had the feeling that I would love to have more creative freedom and less time pressure. That was when I discovered glass for myself. It is the right material for me as it has it’s own temper and teaches me to work slow and patiend.
Q: What was the most valuable lesson you learnt as jewellery designer ?
Ans: I don’t think that it is something I learnd as a jewellry designer, I think it is something I discovered while I was still working as a graphic designer. You can’t force yourself into being creative; if you have a bad day and don’t feel inspired it’s better to go for a walk or do something else instead and wait until your muse comes back. That’s also the reason why I don’t do custom orders; I learned that I need to have all the possible creative freedom to work happy and to my best skills. For more details of Melanie Moertel visit her site:


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  1. Nice interview. How do you feel about a client bringing their new purchases of clothing and having you design and create jewelry to wear with it? That is one of my favorite things.


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