In Dilemma Always, To Buy Diamond Jewellery or Gold Jewellery?

As we all know diamond is a girl’s best friend and it is the desire of every girl to own at least one diamond ornament in their lifetime. The beauty of a real diamond is un-matchable and whoever wears it definitely stands out in the crowd.  But some people do prefer gold over the diamond as they think gold adds to the value and also we need to keep in mind that the price of gold is a bit lower than real diamonds and most people in the country are bound by an income constraint.

To Buy Diamond Jewellery or Gold Jewellery

In this post, I want to talk about both, Diamond Jewellery and Gold Jewellery

Which one you should buy and why?

Minimalst Delicate diamond ring

Diamonds are forever

Diamonds being a symbol of longevity and clarity adds a bit more to the jewellery collection of a woman. This not only looks great but also adds a pinch of class to the person wearing it. Diamond rings are considered to be the best rings to be used in marriage and this perfect piece of stone embedded rings have gained its popularity among men as well. Diamond is considered to be a symbolic way to show love, care and dedication to a person and is hence considered to be the perfect gift for someone special. Diamond associates itself with success, ambition, and desire. It not only creates a great impression on others but also promises that it would be with you forever. There is a wide range of diamond ring design for female as well as male available from where you can choose the best one for yourself and your special someone. However, you need to keep in mind that the pocket pinch would be a bit higher when you opt for diamonds.

Small Diamond Neckpiece

Gold is gold

Traditional occasions in India are incomplete without gold jewelleries. They look great on the Indian skin tone and are considered as a symbol of wellbeing if you wear them. Wearing heavy gold on a daily basis is not safe as it stands a chance of getting lost or being stolen. However, a small chain will cost no harm. With the sleek design and the sense of fulfilment that it gives to your neck is truly great and mind-blowing. Various gold chain designs for ladies are available in the market and the price varies with its weight, size and the complexity of the design. If you wear gold chains with small beautiful pendants, you would look truly beautiful. They have great exchange value as well, and the price fluctuates occasionally. So in future, if you wish to exchange your gold chain for any other gold ornament, you can do that as well. If the price of gold rises, and if you are lucky, then you might be able to sell it at a higher price than the price with which you have bought it for.

minimalist gold bracelet

What to buy? Diamond Jewellery or Gold Jewellery

If you are in a dilemma for what to buy between diamond and gold, then you are in a tough situation. It is really hard to choose between the two. It would be great if you could buy both as both are unique in their own way, however, the budget constraint would always stop us from doing so. Highly priced diamond has a great return value, however, if that has been gifted to you, you would not want to change it as rings are the display of emotions. On the other hand, it is more convenient to exchange your old gold chain for a new ornament that you like, however, love for diamond is something that cannot be replaced with anything else. So choosing between the two would entirely depend on your taste, preference, and budget.

infinity diamond ring

How to Buy Diamond Jewellery, because it is damn Expensive!

LET ME TELL YOU HOW I DO IT. I personally love wearing Diamond Jewellery, but for Diamond Jewellery, you need some Gold too, right? Thus, time to time, when my budget permits or if I have some extra money saved, I buy Gold (Not in the form of Jewellery) but just 10 grams gold or 20 grams gold like that. Which later on I use, when I like to get my Diamond Jewellery done.

It works well for me! Let’s suppose I want to have a Diamond Bracelet and that requires 12 Diamonds and some 20 grams of gold (Just a situation). Now if I have bought gold well in advance and kept aside, I just need to pay for buying Diamonds and Making Charges for the Bracelet, which is manageable! Trust me, if you plan properly, you can go for diamond jewellery too, even if it is expensive.

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