Fragrance without Alcohol is Steadily Increasing in Popularity

Many perfumes created today contain a certain percentage of alcohol, but more women are enjoying the benefits of alcohol-free fragrance. A special scent can quickly become a favorite, but the addition of alcohol may carry certain disadvantages that many ladies do not even realize.

Fragrance without Alcohol
Fragrance without Alcohol

First of all, alcohol evaporates. What this means to a woman who buys a particular scent is that her choice of perfume will not last as long as fragrances that are free of the ingredient. Women buying perfumes that do not include alcohol, such as those provided by, will find their fragrances lasting much longer. This can be especially pleasing if the scent is a favorite and is rather costly in price.

Another benefit of a fragrance containing no alcohol is that it will be easier on the skin. Alcohol has a drying effect and may even cause skin irritation when worn by certain individuals with sensitivities. If a woman experiences a reaction from a perfume, she may actually be allergic to the alcohol in the fragrance and not the perfume itself.

Alcohol Free Fragrances
Alcohol Free Fragrances

When a fragrance contains alcohol, the scent can actually be diminished by it. Alcohol and oils present in perfume do not necessarily mix well together. Women can experience a longer lasting and more pleasant aroma from fragrances that are free of any type of alcohol.

Due to the advantages of alcohol-free scents, more women are turning to these types of fragrances. It is not surprising that perfumes without alcohol are gaining in popularity.

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