Ensuring Your Child Has Good Eye Health

Having good eye health is something that is sometimes genetic, but it can also be affected by lifestyle choices. Some people develop sight problems later on in life whereas others are born with poor sight. As a parent, it is your responsibility when your child is young to encourage certain habits in order to protect their eye health. This will mean that when they get more freedom as they get older, these habits will be drilled into them and become second nature.

Child's Eye Health

Here are some tips for making sure you are fulfilling your role as a parent and ensuring your child’s eye health is as good as it can be.

Make Sure They Wear Their Glasses

If your child has to wear glasses from a young age, this can be hard to enforce, particularly as it might be something that they feel self-conscious about. It is important to try and combat this and reassure your child that wearing glasses is totally normal – in fact, a large proportion of the population has to wear glasses at some point in their life. If they are in a minority within their class at school, getting kids to wear glasses sometimes does take some persuasion, but being a supportive parent means that this can easily be combatted. Giving them the freedom to choose their own style of glasses can be a good approach to take, as this makes it feel like something fun rather than a chore.

Limit Their Time Using Screens

Particularly in this day and age when screens are used for pretty much everything, it is easy for children to get addicted to using screens, whether that be phone, TV or computer screens. Wherever possible, it is good to reinforce the idea that screens are a treat rather than an integral part of life, especially if screens are being used to play games. Normalizing video gaming from a young age can be really detrimental to your child in a number of ways, with their eye health included in this. Looking at screens for a prolonged period of time can cause headaches and migraines as well as affecting concentration levels in school.

Ensure Your Child Is Sleeping for Long Enough

Sleeping for too little time is another way in which your child’s eyes can be negatively affected, which often coincides with too much screen usage. This is because screens activate your brain and the bright lights often make you feel much more awake, meaning it can be hard to drift off to sleep when you do eventually want to. Again, this is a much easier thing to combat before it starts – once your child is in the habit of sleeping late, it can be a hassle to try and reconfigure their sleeping pattern, so where possible you should avoid this starting. A lack of sleep can mean your eyes become dry and sore, which may affect children more.

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Looking after our eyes is so important and even though children don’t value this, they will thank you as a parent for enforcing it. Using these three tips while your child is young is definitely a good approach to teaching them the importance of this for later life.

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