Emo Style and Clothing, the Latest Youth Fashion.

emo styleEmo style is on the fast track to popularity among the youngsters. We all know that teenagers are becoming more trendy day by day. They want to stay on top with the latest  style and trend. The latest trend seen in young guys and girls is EMO Style. Many of you must be knowing about  Emo style and may be some of you don’t have any idea about it. So don’t you worry, we are going to discuss about Emo style in this post.

What is Emo style?

Emo style is the mixture of gothic style and punk look. It  includes tight black color pant with bright colored stripped shirt and a funky hair style with a sad face. To be precise, teenagers with black dyed hairs, have  piercings on weird places like lips, tongue, eyebrow and etc with bright and tight clothing is perfect Emo.

How to dress emo?

Young Girls and guys who like bright colors like green, red, yellow can go for this style matched with emo boyblack color. The clothing includes pencil or cigarette-shaped jeans with a close fitting t-shirt  or stripped shirt of bright color. A studded belt looks cool with this dressing. The fashion accessories should be different and unique. The old navy jeans which teared can will make up most of your outfit, you can also wear black hoodie t-shirt with it and if it cold weather then puffy jackets will look cool. Girls can go for a short skirt with boots which are high. The traditional and stylish boots of 80’s will look best on Emo boys. Following this gothic style will make teenagers look different from others.  This style looks perfect only when you have proper hair style.

How is Emo hair style?

These days one of the trendiest hair style is Emo . This haircut is very creative and has two part in it, that is short and long emo hairstyle. Short one includes short spiky hairs with long bangs one of which lies on the  face as fringe. Whereas long emo hairstyle involves long and shaggy haircut with bangs and fringes over right side on face. Mostly boys go for short emo hairstyle and girls go for long emo hairstyle.    Emo hairstyle has asymmetrical lines with splurges of bright coloured highlights.

Hope this post really helped you to know about Emo style..Good luck getting an emo style!



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