Comparing Laser to Non-laser Procedures

In the past, when one needed help with skin care issues, their only choice was plastic surgery. That just isn’t true anymore. Instead, there are choices every which way you turn, each claiming their product is the best at resolving your skin condition. The problem with so many options is figuring out what really does work best and what you need. Before you can much a decision, you need to know some of the facts.

Comparing Laser to Non-laser Procedures
Comparing Laser to Non-laser Procedures

At Home Methods

The idea of doing a procedure in the convenience of your home is highly appealing. It can be done in private and at whatever time you feel like instead of being at the mercy of a salon’s schedule. There are many lasers and non-laser devices sold for home use for far less of an expense than going to a cosmetic clinic.

What you need to realize is that devices made for home use simply cannot provide the same level of treatment as in a professional clinic. Any device purchased for the home utilizes much lower settings in order to prevent injuries by the average, untrained consumer. Plus, unless you have been trained, you don’t know what settings or devices work best for your specific skin issue.

Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion

There are several methods to remove the outermost layer of skin from the body, using some degree of exfoliation. Dermabrasion uses a device to gently buff the skin to remove damaged cells. It is generally used in conjunction with a silk peel to clean out the pores and rejuvenate the skin. It does not require downtime and the results last a few weeks. Microdermabrasion is harsher as it is a more moderate buffing using a medium such as sand crystals to exfoliate while vacuuming away the dead skin. This method does require down time, has a longer recovery time, and higher risks, but the results last a lot longer than the milder method.

One major issue is that this method is not recommended for anyone with darker skin tones or sensitive skin. It can cause hyper pigmentation, skin breakouts, and other issues.

Laser Procedures

When one hears the term laser, they usually think of a light beam and that would be somewhat accurate. Lasers tend to use a pulsed frequency of light to target specific skin cells for treatment. Different styles of lasers are used for differing treatments. They can resolve a wide number of issues including laser hair removal, skin tightening, scar removal, and many other things.

The main factor to consider with lasers is whether they are ablative or non-ablative. Any procedure that causes damage to the skin’s outer layer is considered ablative. These types of devices are generally used for skin resurfacing. A device that leaves the outer skin intact while targeting the lower layer is called non-ablative. Treatments like removal of fine lines and wrinkles or collagen induction are normally non-ablative.

Surgical Choices

It goes without saying that face lifts are also an option. They produce the most dramatic results, but come with the highest risks and expense. Surgery requires significant down time and recovery. If your skin care issue is severe, such as severe burns or scars, or if you’ve tried other options without success, this may be your only choice. Just make sure to review less drastic options first.

How to make your choice

Now that you know something about each of these options, it’s time to choose. You need to make an immediate decision….or do you? Unless a skin condition is life threatening, there is no reason to rush into a clinic for procedure. Be sure that the treatment you seek matches your specific needs. It needs to work for your skin type and be within your budget. Don’t let yourself be pressured into a decision before you feel comfortable with the idea. Want the best advice? Talk to your dermatologist before you decide on anything else.

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