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Bling Bling

Beading is a wonderful pastime to get involved in. There are expert beaders and some take up the hobby as a means for selling jewelry. Jewelry can be sold online, at flea markets or it can be given as gifts to family and friends. Beading is often passed down to the younger generations of the family as tradition.


Many who bead get excited to see shiny beads. While this sounds foreign to those who have never taken up beading, it can make beaders giddy to imagine the designs they can make with newly bought beads. Beads can take on a variety of shapes, patterns, sizes and colors. Some beads are as small as mustard seeds and are appropriately named “seed beads.” Many who choose to shop online can obtain several different sizes to customize their collection.

Dangle earrings can be made by stringing beads, while stud earrings can be made from “centers” and beads that are sewn around the centers to create a design. Many beaders will master their individual techniques and take those techniques to the grave.

bling bling
bling bling

Some sets of earrings that are made with beads will sell for upwards of $50 per pair. It can be a lucrative business to take up. People especially love to buy sets of matching earrings, necklaces and bracelets. There are several other pieces of jewelry that can be made with beads. For instance, toe rings and anklets. With the warmer months already here, beads present an excellent way to “bling up” the feet.

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