Best Tips for Oily Skin Make up and also Learn How to get rid of Pimples

tips for oliy skin make up
Tips for oliy skin make up


Oily skin is blessing and curse both for people. It is considered good anti-aging factor, while its curse because it is one the biggest reason for pimples. It is really tuff to get rid of oily skin and its problems though we can take care to prevent pimples and other things. Make up in oily skin is big challenge as even small mistake can give birth to many pimples so great care must be taken while doing make up in oily skin.

Tips for oily skin make up:

  • Never Apply more foundation
  • Oily skin is shiny so always go for matt foundation
  • Select the foundation which are specially for oily skin
  • Powder should be selected one shade lighter than your skin color
  • Do not use cream based blushes
  • Use astringent with acetone before applying makeup to close the pores
  • Oily skin ladies should apply less make up
  • Lips don’t  have oil glands so choosing lipstick or lip gloss is simple
  • Please check that make up which you use is of High quality
  • Makeup which contains serecite should be used  as it reduces the appearance of pores and also  reduces the oil from skin.

Additional tips to get rid of Oily skin:

tips for oily skin
Get rid of oily skin
  • Drink more and more water
  • If necessary go for acne treatment from skin specialist only
  • Herbal products are always advisable
  • You can also apply toothpaste on the pimples and leave it covered whole night then wash it in morning. It will reduce your pimples.

Hope our Oily Skin Make up tips helped you girls. Do share these tips with your friends and help them to get rid of pimples. You can even share oily skin make up tips with us. Happy make up ladies 😀

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