Animal Prints The Biggest Trend: How to Rock in Animal Prints?

Animal print belt


Animal Prints have always been on a see-saw ride in all the seasons and even after their ups and down, this trend seems to inch its way back into wardrobes every season. This trend is such that you can’t live with it but you can’t live without it either. Some find it tacky while others swear by it. You take it Leopard Print, Tiger Print, Snake Print, Crocodile Print or Zebra Print.. All Animal Prints are Hot this Season!! 🙂 Check it out how to rock in Animal Print Below…

All in all, this is a trend for only the bold and feisty fashion junkies. Pulling off an animal print is no child’s play. So, if you’re considering figuring out your way around them this season to make your own fashion statement, information given below is sure to be of great help.

Anmal Prints in Fashion
Anmal Prints in Fashion

Evolved Animal Prints

Earlier, animal prints were brilliant but only for the bold. This season, there has been an image shift in this trend – it has become classier and more sophisticated. Not only can you now sport it on your wild nights with your friends but also on those quiet evenings spent sipping wine.

Outfits To Look Out For

Snakeskin and fish-scale patterned heels with fur on the tips. The classic Zebra and Leopard prints are still selling out. Not only clothes but even bags, shoes, belts, scarves, handbags and earrings see animal prints in full blast.

Leopard print and crocodile print
Leopard print and crocodile print

Tips On How To Carry Off Animal Prints – These tips will help you in looking suave in animal prints

Animal Multi Print Dress
Animal Multi Print Dress

1. Focus On Your Assets –Animal prints are a great way of shifting the focus away from areas you don’t like and instead, focusing on your best assets. Use animal prints to show off that flat stomach you have worked out for or for hiding the excess flab on your tummy and showing your collar bones instead.

2. Fit – A nice and a comfortable fit is necessary for not only this trend but for anything you wear. This point can never be stressed enough. Always look out for clothes that fit you perfectly in size and cuts. If you wear a smaller size, not only will it make you look bad but will also be uncomfortable as you’ll be adjusting your clothes the entire time. A simple piece of clothing with great fitting is always better than a fabulous outfit with bad fitting.

3. Start Small – If you are just trying animal prints and are unsure about what you should be doing, take small steps towards it. Start off with your accessories and then graduate to the outfit.

Animal prints are a good way to add a little novelty to any simple outfit. However, this is the area where fashion disasters happen. So, tread with caution.

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