4 Tools for the Well-Equipped Salon

To provide a relaxing, satisfying experience for your guests, you’ll need to make sure your salon is stocked with all the essentials. But how do you know which are necessities and which are just frivolous? Here are four must-haves for a busy salon.

1: Styling Chairs

Styling Chairs at Salon
Styling Chairs at Salon

Don’t buy a dozen copies of the same chair. Do you expect to serve a dozen copies of the same customer? Buy your styling chairs in various sizes and with different ergonomics. This way, you’ll meet the needs of all your guests, not just the ones you had in mind when you went shopping.

2: Floor Mats

Floor Mats at salon
Floor Mats at salon

Floor mats will save you endless amounts of time and energy in the daily upkeep of your salon. They’re easy to clean, simple to transport and good for your leg health while standing all day. Buy them in bulk!

3: Shampoo Bowls

Shampoo Bowls
Shampoo Bowls

Everyone stresses over a salon’s sprays and conditioners, but no one ever thinks to stock up on the shampoo bowls themselves. What happens if you ever break too many? Do you expect your soapy, half-moisturized guests to wait there for an hour while your assistant runs off to the store?

4: Florescent Lights

Florescent Lights
Florescent Lights

Bright lights are absolutely critical when dyeing hair or painting nails. Look into high-efficiency LED lights or compact florescent lights (CFLs) for maximum illumination during painstaking tasks.

These are just four essentials for the modern salon. If you need help filling out your shelves, consider shopping with a salon equipment supplier like

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