Travel Fille: How to Plan Holidays Smartly? A Step by Step Guide

Happy Chilling Girls! I love this season with great energy and fun. As you all know, I work from home and more into blogging and digital marketing. Especially in this season, I feel grateful to have the choice to stay at home and working. Right now when I am writing this post, I am sitting with my cozy blanket and having a large cup of tea with me! Bliss! Anyways, today I am sharing my thoughts and a few guidelines from my end, how you can plan holidays smartly. This guide I am preparing on the basis of my own thoughts, planning and experience. Hope you will like it.

travel girl
travel girl

Why This Post!

I don’t know if you all read it in my past posts or not. But today, I want to make this announcement that we are starting “Lifestyle” section for My Fashion Villa. Rather, we have already started it with a few posts in the past. Why Lifestyle? Because I personally want to be part of your life and similarly I want you to be part of my life. With that thought in mind, I don’t want all this to be limited for fashion and beauty. So with lifestyle category, you can expect a range of posts every month. I am going to talk about Travel, Dining, Outing, Hobbies, Gateaways, Places and finally some posts around women’s lifestyle in this category. Hope you all will love this section as much as you like fashion, beauty and shopping.

my travel plan india
my travel plan india

The idea behind writing this post: Holidays

If you ask me about my dream, the one is; to visit every single corner of my country India. I never get fascinated with the idea of taking foreign trips. No, I am not against going out of my country rather I would love to. But the priority is to see my country first. India is one of the most beautiful countries on the globe and I want to see every single corner of it. Everyone should travel their country first and then some other places. So, this is my dream, to travel whole India!

When I dream something I make it a reality!

To make your dreams reality, you need planning!

my travel dreams
my travel dreams

So, How to do planning for Holidays and Travel?

Here are the steps which I have taken to plan my holidays and travel. I suggest the same to you as well, if you are passionate about Travel.

  • Take a Detailed Map. I have detailed Map of India which has all small places listed and marked on it.
  • Next Mark Places which you have already visited. I marked places in South India, Rajasthan and Gujarat as I have traveled a lot in these parts of country.
  • Next, List down Five Places Which are on top of your list to travel and visit next.


vacation planning
vacation planning

Now is The Time to Take Actions

Before I plan and finalize any trip, I make sure; I know everything about that place. Let’s say, the place is Pondicherry or Manali then I will read and research about these places in Advance, about the history, places to visit, art, market etc. I also like to see their life closely so, I may also try contacting some local family there who can actually show me place closely.


After checking everything, I may finalize the place which I am visiting first among 5 I marked. Right now; Goa is the place which I am visiting next; mostly in March (After 1 month). However, this will be my 3rd visit but unlike my past visits; this time I am going to explore rural goa. I found a local friend in Goa, who works in Radio Mirchi there. I got all information from him, like how beautiful rural Goa is; it has deep forest, waterfalls and beaches. So, it’s time to go Goa Again!!

How to Book Your Tickets and Stay?

One of my friends suggested a very good website for the same called it is one ultimate place online to find good stay options in all parts of India. The website is specialized in home stays. So if you are like me, who loves to stay in homes at various places and not in the huge hotels, you would love this website 😉

Why Home Stay?

First and the biggest reason why I avoid big hotel stays is; most of them are crowded these days. When I travel and go for vacation, I usually love to stay at least possible crowded places. I love to explore places myself by walking or taking public transportation.


Home Stays give homely warm feel at the same time; you can expect great level of privacy and comfort. So whenever possible; I choose home stay only.

I have booked a few places from already and they were really good. For the Goa trip in next month, I am going to use the same website. You can try it too.

SO, this was the Travel Guide from my end and everything what I do to plan any trip. Mostly I take 3-4 trips every year that is to explore new places and see every part of India.

Do you like travel? How do you plan your trip? Got some useful tips? Do share with us. We would love to hear from you.

Until Then!!!

Stay Fit and Gorgeous.


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