Swati Modo Grabbed all Eyeballs at Rajasthan Fashion Week season 1 at Jaipur

payal rohatgi visited Swatimodo
payal rohatgi visited Swatimodo


Day 2 of Rajasthan Fashion Week 2012 started with refreshing collection by Poonam Patel and glorious shoe collection by Swati Modo. You must have read our post on: Swati Modo and Poonam Patel’s collection on Rajasthan Fashion Week, If not yet , read it (click on the link link). At my 3 day visit to Rajasthan Fashion Week, I got chance to visit Swati’s collection at Rajasthan Fashion Week Exhibition area.

We talked to her about her shoe designs, unique things about Swati Modo collection and label and her shoes at Rajasthan Fashion Week.

Swati Modo Shoes
Swati Modo Shoes


About Shoe Designer Swati Mehrotra Aka Swati Modo :
Swati Modo label has been around for four years now, with many credits to its name. Since the beginning of this interesting venture, show designer Swati Mehrotra has been coming up with new ingenious ideas to bring her Brand, Swati Modo in limelight.

Swati Modo’s recent collection is called Juxta posed. It is an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.and thats what we tried to showcase in our new range”

Swati Modo with payal rohatgi
Swati Modo with payal rohatgi

It is noted that ‘Swatimodo’ launched her latest Juxta Posed range and grabbed all eye balls…Juxta posed inspired by Nandita’s Wonder-Lab focusing on eastern ceremony. The collection is Artorial -Beautifying the everyday as well as well as Idiomatic- by mixing the past with present. Juxtaposed just like in Van Gogh and Gauguin era focus on the “Premium Normality”. It exaggerates the Future Classics/ Luxury/ New Basics & Authenticity by bringing modern-mundane together.

It was complete pleasure meeting her at Rajasthan Fashion Week, She is such a darling!!  n We Love her a lot 🙂 I would like to thank her for talking with us about her collection and sending us such amazing pictures.. 😉

We are looking forward to see your upcoming collection Swati… 🙂

Hope you like our post, you can catch Swati Mehrotra on Twitter at @swatimehrotra for all updates about her upcoming shoe collection.. !!

We are coming with many other inetesting post for you..

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Keep Rocking and Stay Stylish 🙂

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