Pinky Beauty Parlor Movie Screened at IFFI puts the Spotlight on Racist Beauty Standards

I got to watch this movie called Pinky Beauty Parlor at IFFI Goa and I must share this post with all of you. The moment I read the title in my schedule, I thought to check movie trailer of the movie called “Pinky Beauty Parlor” After checking the trailer, I immediately decided to watch this movie! So… finally someone touched this subject, I am glad!! But why I am talking about a movie on a Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog? Because the movie puts a spotlight on those Indian racist Beauty Standards that “Fair is Beautiful and Dark is Ugly”!! Being a Fashion & Beauty Blogger, I see, this social issue is here in India for real. We still like “Gori Bahu..”!! We still ask at the time of Baby birth “Kala he ya Gora? (Is she Black/White?)” and to be honest that irritates me a lot.

Pinky Beauty Parlor
Pinky Beauty Parlor

This is also one of the reasons why I do not review any Fairness Products on this Blog though I have been asked for doing that many times. It is not just about Fairness as a subject, but how we perceive the whole world of “Beauty”!

I would like to share this Real Talk happened at @IFFIGoa.

“In Conversation with the very talented actress Tannishtha Chatterjee


So, another day, there was a chat session with actress Tannishtha Chatterjee, who did some brilliant movies like Angry Indian Goddesses and Parched. She loves Cinema, but she has done offbeat and art movies only. One gentleman asked her a question and here is the conversation, you should read.

The gentleman at IFFI: You are an amazing actor. I have watched all of your movies. You are brilliant. Why don’t you do any big budget Bollywood movies? Is it your choice?

Tannishtha Chatterjee: No, it is not my choice. It is their choice. To be honest, I do not fit into that category of an actress being “Beautiful & pretty Girl” and I guess, they have already rejected me!

And… that answer stunned all of us! If you have seen her work in those movies and some international movies, she deserves much more. But aaahhh!! our racist beauty standards!! “Fair is Beautiful and Dark is Ugly”!!

We need to change this thing.

Coming Back to the Movie…

Pinky Beauty Parlor is a movie by a director called Akshay Singh, who also played a key role in this movie. I am shocked that many people don’t know about this movie! It is a masterpiece. The movie has been screened at Cannes and MAMI too. So, I decided to share my thoughts with all of you.

Entire movie sets in Bnaras, discussing these stereotypes with two protagonists sisters Bulbul (Khusboo Gupta) and Pinky (Sulagna Panigrahi). Both sisters are beautiful, but Bulbul got a complexion from his father and she is dark whereas Pinky got a fair complexion inherited from her mother.


Being fair, Pinky gets that pretty girl label and pampering from her parents, frineds and everyone else around her. But on the other hand, Bulbul faces all the consequences of having a dark complexion. What happens that BulBul had no choice but went for Suicide? Was it a suicide or a murder? The movie is about that. If you got chance to see this movie, I highly recommend this movie. Kudos to Director Akshay Singh and his team for touching this subject and excuting it so well through movie “Pinky Beauty Parlour”

Try to see this movie please.

Because Beauty Comes from Inside, beyond your Fair Skin !

Said Mellyberry 🙂





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